'Love Is Blind' Star Shayne Jansen Says He Has Proof Natalie Lee Regrets Saying 'No' at the Altar

The Netflix star says he's officially done with his ex after they tried reconciling 'four times' post-show.

Love Is Blind star Shayne Jansen can finally say that he and his ex, Natalie Lee, are officially over. The 32-year-old broker spoke out in his first post-show tell-all interview on The Viall Files on Wednesday, opening up about his and Natalie's post-show journey. 

"We reconnected four times after the show," he revealed of Natalie. "We tried four times, just recently this past weekend."

Shayne claimed that during the most recent attempt to reconnect, Natalie referred to him as a "disgusting human being" and that he feels he's finally done with her. 

"I am now, yeah, officially. Yeah, it's over. Actually for the first time I can confidently say that," he said. "If you'd asked me that a week ago even, I wouldn't be able to answer that question for you."

Shayne said he has a lot of problems with how Natalie was portrayed on the series versus his own portrayal, saying that she would behave one way with the cameras off and then would act differently when they were alone together. Shayne also claimed that Natalie would want to discuss their conversations before they filmed them. 

These behind-the-scenes moments led to the former couple's now-infamous pre-wedding fight that took place off camera and ultimately ended their engagement. Shayne said that it started the night of their televised bachelor/bachelorette party when the girls crashed the boys' night later in the evening, and Natalie allegedly called Shayne out for drinking too much. 


"This had been weeks of buildup, weeks of buildup that was seen off-screen. She would always pick and pick, pick, pick little things I did wrong and never appreciate anything I did right for her all of the time," he claimed. "She made sure on camera to show off but outside the cameras, not even close."

Saying the fight took place two nights before they filmed the wedding, Shayne claimed that he tried to call the whole thing off. 

"The night before I hit up the producers and whatnot and said, 'I can't do this.' And they were like, 'We have to see it through,'" he said. 

He added, "I called off the engagement that night. But I mean, I can't marry you. I'm never going to be enough for you. You honestly make me feel like I'm not a good person, and I'm never going to be enough for you... she makes me feel like a horrible person." 

Shayne admitted to telling Natalie he "hated" her during the fight, saying he deeply regrets the comment. 

"If I could take that back, I would in a heartbeat. I think about it all the time," he said. "I think about it every day. I wish I would have used my words better for sure. I wish I would have handled the situation better."

But on his wedding day, Shayne said yes before Natalie turned him down at the altar. 

"We also reconnected the night before the wedding and everything was great. I wanted to marry this girl, I really did," he said. 

Shayne also claimed that he has "proof" that Natalie regrets her decision to say no at the altar. 

"There's proof that she wishes she said yes. She said it very vocally, 'I wish I said yes at the altar.' Numerous times," Shayne insisted. "I have video proof of it and everything." 


He also called out Natalie for running away from a conversation she was supposed to have with Shaina Hurley on the show after Shaina made a last-ditch effort to win Shayne back. 

"They didn't show her when she was supposed to have a conversation with Shaina. They were supposed to have a conversation and she ran away. She literally ran away," Shayne said, claiming producers cut that part out. "'Cause you know why? [Natalie's] America's sweetheart."

He was proud of how he handled his own conversation with Shaina, but said that Natalie had criticisms when they got home. 

"She wants me to do all of this stuff and I'm doing all this stuff wrong, but then when she does it and it's right in front of her, like, 'Why don't you grow up and why don't you man up with this stuff with her? Call her out on her stuff? Why do I have to do it all?'" he said. 


As for his connection with Shaina in the pods, Shayne said that nothing has progressed romantically with his co-star since the show wrapped. 

"Me and [Shaina] hung out once in a group setting, never alone, never hooked up. We kind of bonded on the fact that we were both getting murdered on the show," he said of viewer reactions. "It was nice to talk to someone who was going through it. She is a good person. We all have things we have to work on. I don't know her that well, but I don't think she deserves what she's getting all the hate for either." 

Shaina got engaged to her fiancé, Christos Lardakis, earlier this month, and Shayne says there's no romantic future for them. 

"There's nothing there. She's engaged, she's happy. I'm happy for her," he said. 

As for the reality star, he is focusing on himself right now. 

"I'm seeing a therapist [post-show]. I needed it regardless," he said of therapy. "I've just got to learn how to control my energy better. I do a very bad job of it. It's fun to be around it, but it's not fun when you're with your partner and you're arguing."

He said he doesn't keep up with much of the cast since the show wrapped, calling it "constant gossip and drama with them," and noting that most of them have remained close with Natalie. 

Natalie Lee/Instagram Stories

As for his personal life, he is currently single and planning to keep it that way for a while. 

"I haven't been on one date since the show finished, except Natalie and rekindling, those are the only dates I've been on," he said of the show that wrapped filming in spring 2021. 

After Shayne's podcast interview went up, Natalie released her own statement on her Instagram Stories, refuting several of his claims. 

"Regarding the comment about me 'scripting' our conversations: I never told Shayne what to say nor did we ever discuss or plan what to say in certain scenes. I did, however, set boundaries with filming -- specifically I asked him to not drink alcohol before 'serious' scenes and to not share in-depth details of our intimacy out of respect for my family," she claims. 

Natalie also claims she did not run from the conversation with Shaina, saying, "I had the conversation with her but it did not air. All the cast members were present for this scene, including Shayne." 

She added that she told Shayne he was "disgusting" over the weekend, "because he called me to tell me he was going to 'bury me' and 'drag me down with him' on the podcast because I ended any chance of reconciliation." 

She also claimed that she "found what I considered to be very flirtatious messages between him and other women," leading to them breaking up last year. 

Natalie Lee/Instagram Stories

She revealed that they dated twice after their wedding, saying one time was the weekend the reunion episode was filmed. 

"Recently we met up to discuss the possibility of reconciliation but ultimately agreed not to date until he changed some of his behaviors," she added. 

She concluded her post saying she was "saddened and confused" by Shayne's "dishonesty" on the podcast. 

All episodes of Love Is Blind season 2 as well as the reunion special are currently streaming on Netflix. 

To see Natalie's side of the story, watch ET's exclusive interview with Shayne's ex below: