'Love Is Blind' Star Shayne Jansen Directly Addresses Drug Use Allegations

The reality star spoke out on 'The Viall Files' podcast in his first tell-all interview.

After weeks of comments about his appearance and mannerisms on the Netflix dating show, Love Is Blind, Shayne Jansen is not shying away from responding to viewers and commenters who are claiming that the 32-year-old broker was using drugs on the show. 

In his first post-show tell-all interview, Shayne got extremely candid on The Viall Files podcast about his past drug use and shut down rumors of his time on the reality show. 

"Have I [used drugs]? Yes. On the show I did not," Shayne said. "I have experience with a few of them. Nothing that's been injected into my body, but I think we've all had our times in our lives where we've done certain things."

He went on to say that doing drugs while the cameras were rolling and the cast was wearing mics would have been nearly impossible. 

"People thought I was doing cocaine. I'm mic'd up the whole time," he said. "Everyone would have heard me do it. It's wild to think that I was carrying cocaine on me, and I was snorting lines and doing all this kind of stuff in the bathroom when I'm mic'd up. They can literally hear you whispering. Every word you say. How could they not hear me do it?"

Noting that he's "sick" of seeing people commenting snowflake emojis meant to symbolize cocaine on his posts, Shayne got honest about his past with the drug. 

"I'm not naive to say I haven't done it before in my past, like no, but not in the show, I'm not stupid. I'm not going to risk everything for that on the show," he shared. 


As for his high-energy, seemingly erratic behavior on the show, that he chalks up to his "severe ADHD," noting that he starts off his day with five shots of espresso. 

"I have severe, severe ADHD, and you're sitting in this tiny, little room for like three hours. It's not 30 minutes. It's like three hours, and you have cameras here, cameras here, staring at you while you're confessing your love and you're talking about all your deep emotions," he explained, referencing the pods at the start of the show. "It's a very uncomfortable situation, right? You don't get used to it." 

He also referenced the show's wedding episode finale, where he said yes to his former fiancée, Natalie Lee, before she rejected him at the altar. 

"My wedding day where I looked like I was coked out of my mind, I didn't sleep for two days straight because I had no idea what she was going to say at the altar, no idea," he shared. "My mom was in town, my whole family was in town. I was so embarrassed, my anxiety was going crazy." 

All episodes of Love Is Blind season 2, including a reunion special, are currently streaming on Netflix.