'Love Is Blind' Star Zack Goytowski Overcomes Allergies to Bring Wife Bliss Poureetezadi's Pets Back Home

Zack Goytowski shared that his allergies previously affected his breathing.

Love conquers all… even animal allergies! Love Is Blind stars Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi put their marriage to the test when they realized that Zack was deathly allergic to his new wife's cat and dog. 

The season 4 stars of the Netflix series tied the knot in May 2022 and quickly came to the realization that Bliss' fur babies couldn't live in their home together if Zack was to be there too. 

On Wednesday, the couple shared their private "rollercoaster of a journey" on Instagram, posting pics with the beloved pets. 

Zack shared that fur from cats, dogs, and horses "shut my breathing down" and noted that the first time he went into Bliss' home, "I had an allergy attack that left me gasping for air." 

The defense attorney visited an allergist saying they learned that the situation was "worse" than he originally thought. 

"The doctor diagnosed me with allergy-induced asthma, meaning that my animal allergies were actually threatening my ability to breathe," Zack shared. "It felt like a dagger to our dream of us keeping Asher and Blythe."

He added that Bliss was forced to rehome her pets to her mom and sister, saying, "It tore her apart to let them go."

Zack shared that they didn't give up and did "almost a year of immunotherapy," doctors' visits, and twice a week allergy shots. 

"It was tough, but love pushes you to do things you never thought possible," Zack continued. "I really never thought this would be possible but I had to try for Bliss. And you know what? We did it. We brought Asher and Blythe home. These two fur babies bring Bliss so much happiness, and seeing that joy in her eyes makes every moment of this challenging journey worth it."

The couple shared several photos with their pets and a video of all of them driving home. 

"So excited to have all our family with us," Bliss said. "Our family of four, our animal children." 

Zack also shared a video of himself at the Seattle Allergy & Asthma Research Institute, writing, "Four years left." 

Zack and Bliss met in the pods on season 4 of Love Is Blind. And while they fell for each other, Zack called it quits, choosing instead of propose to Irina Solomonova. Zack and Irina had a very awkward trip to Mexico, calling things off at the end. Zack searched for Bliss outside of the pods and the pair rekindled their romance and eventually made it to the altar where they said "I do."

All four seasons of Love Is Blind are currently streaming on Netflix.