'Love Island' Star Theo Campbell Blinded in One Eye by Champagne Cork

Theo Campbell
Matt Crossick/PA Images via Getty Images

Reality TV star Theo Campbell is in recovery have recently falling victim to a freak accident while on vacation in Ibiza, Spain.

On Tuesday, the British Love Island star shared a photo of himself in the hospital with a bandage over his right eye. He explained in the caption that someone opened a champagne bottle near him and the cork hit him directly in the eye.

"Thanks for all the messages and support I've got over the last couple days they're all very much appreciated," the 28-year-old wrote, adding, "So yeah basically 2 eye surgeries later after a really unfortunate accident, I've lost all vision in my right eye as it got split in half, who would have thought a champagne cork would be the end of me." 

"But I still have 1 eye left, looking at the bright side of things," he continued. "Thanks for flying out to look after me as well babe ♥️♥️♥️ if anyone knows where sells cool eye patches let me know."

In his Instagram Story, he posted a short clip of himself apparently soon after the accident. He's shown covering his eye with his hands as dancing music thumps nearby. A man with a pair of goggles on his head is trying to help him. Campbell wrote alongside: "If I only had that guys goggles."

Theo Campbell

By his side in the Instagram image is his girlfriend, fellow Love Island star Kaz Crossley, whom he referenced. On Thursday, she shared a photo of herself giving Campbell as kiss, sharing more details from their week in the caption.

"Thank you being unapologetically yourself, and being such an inspiration to many people. Your always looking at the positives and the fact you keep such high hopes when times are tough, I know we can get through anything," she wrote, later adding, "Even though we've been stuck in this hospital for a couple days now I would do it all over again because I know you would for me."

In her Instagram Story, she explained that Campbell can't fly for now because the pressure "could damage the recovery." She also shared that they don't know who was holding the champagne bottle that injured him, adding, "but he knows it was an accident and holds no hate, he's not that kind of person."

Theo Campbell

Campbell also tweeted about the situation, explaining that he currently has seven stitches in his eye, adding: "Im hopefully and don't want to believe my eye is gone forever. Anything is possible."

Campbell is still slated to appear on MTV's The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2.


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