'Love on the Spectrum' Couples and Singles: Where Are They Now?

'Love on the Spectrum'

Michael, Maddi, Kelvin and more reveal how their dating life is going post-show.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead! Don't proceed unless you've watched all five episodes of Love on the Spectrum on Netflix.

If you're like us, and binge-watched all of Love on the Spectrum in one sitting, then you've probably fallen in love with everyone on the show at this point!

It's been over a year since filming wrapped on the heartwarming Netflix docuseries, which followed a group of seven singles (and two couples already in relationships) on the autism spectrum as they navigated the ups and downs of finding love. With help from their families and experts in romance, intimacy and acceptance, fans got to witness the 11 individuals' journeys from learning new relationship skills to applying them on their real-life dates.

So, who's still together, and who's still looking for love? Mark, Chloe, Maddi and more are sharing all the details on what they've been up to post-production.

The most exciting news of all comes from fan-favorite couple Ruth and Thomas, who revealed in a new clip from Netflix that they recently got married! "We've also been able to move out of the unit we were renting and into [a] house," Thomas explained.

Maddi, meanwhile, is still single, but has been keeping herself busy with a new job at a doggy daycare. "It's a bit difficult, because I've never had a job before," she admitted, laughing. "I'm also going to look at going to driving school here."

Mark, who Maddi went on two dates with but just didn't feel a spark, is currently in a similar situation. "I've been doing movie and book reviews on Facebook sometimes, which is pretty exciting," he said of his new hobby, adding that he's still looking for love "because it's something worth fighting" for. "It hasn't been easy, but from where I am right now, I say I've done extremely well, and everyone's proud of me and how far I've come."

"Everyone feels like they get to that point where they're like, 'I'm never going to find love. Am I going to be alone for the rest of my life?'" he continued. "Just remember, don't give up."

As for Chloe? She's also still looking for love, but having fun with friends in the meantime. She says she's remained tight with her supportive BFF, Brodie, who was also featured on the show, encouraging her to have confidence and flirt.

"I'm looking at moving [out of my house] with Brodie sometime," Chloe shared. "Me and Brodie, we're best friends, and we're still really, really close."

Another fan-favorite single from the show, Michael, revealed that he recently downloaded a dating app to "simply give it a try."

"I haven't given up, and I have no intention of giving up," he said. "If my future wife is watching this right now, I will happily tell her this: She will be in for a happy, healthy marriage."

Hear more updates from the cast in the video below: