Watch an Exclusive Clip From Netflix's New Dating Docuseries 'Love on the Spectrum'

Love on the Spectrum

The new docuseries premieres July 22 on Netflix.

"How would you act if I brought a boy home?"

It's a question every child is inevitably forced to ponder at some point in their dating life, and in Netflix's new docuseries, Love on the Spectrum, it's just one of the hurdles the young adults on the autism spectrum have to consider as they look for love. In this clip, exclusively debuting on ET, Maddi gets quite the answer.

"I would cheer," her mom says, while her dad chimes in just as quickly, "I would have to vet him, make sure he was suitable for you. Make him very uncomfortable."

"If I have a date, it will be a couple years before he meets you guys at least," Maddi deadpans. "Protect the poor guy for a little while, for God's sake."

Love on the Spectrum follows seven singles -- plus two couples in long-term relationships -- as they navigate the ups and downs of finding your match with a bit of help from their families and experts on matters of romance, intimacy and acceptance.

In the clip, below, the conversation turns to a superhero disco Maddi will be attending, as her family asks what qualities she is looking for in a man. Her perfect response? "Rich, muscular, tall, eight-pack... There's no shame in being picky when it comes to love, all right?"

Love on the Spectrum premieres July 22 on Netflix.