Luann de Lesseps Responds After Bethenny Frankel Accuses Her of Using Her Arrest for Fame

Luann de Lesseps
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Despite what Bethenny Frankel may think, Luann de Lesseps claims she isn't cashing in on her sobriety.

During the final Real Housewives of New York City reunion on Thursday, Bethenny accused Luann of using her highly-publicized arrest in December 2017 for fame.

"You actually reveled in that you had a comeback from this arrest and that you were more famous than ever," Bethenny proclaimed. "It took you on something where you were like, 'Wow this is it. I'm really famous now.'"

"You think I took that as a positive thing for me?" Luann responded, to which Bethenny said, "Yes I do. I think you said, 'While I'm at it!'"

As Bethenny and the other women started bringing up examples of how Luann has used the newfound attention to her benefit -- like performing in a string of sold-out cabaret shows shortly after she completed her first stay in rehab last winter -- the reality star continued to stick up for herself.

"I really made lemonade out of lemons," Luann explained. "I really got dealt a really tough hand."

"I was kind of in a thing called the pink cloud," she added. "When you first get sober, you have this moment of elation."

Despite being defensive at first, Luann then apologized to the women and thanked them for their support.

"By looking at myself I realized that I could have done better as a friend and I was absent because I really just needed to take care of myself," she admitted. "That looked like I was not grateful for them. For that, I’m sorry."

When ET spoke with Luann last month in New York City, she claimed that things had "gotten much better" between her and Bethenny following their big blow up fight that aired on the show a week earlier.

"It's something that happened, you know, over six months ago, so it's always hard to see that again because we've gotten to a different place," she said at the time. "It was tough. I felt really bad because I know there were a lot of things going on in there and it wasn't just about me. I think I handled it pretty well considering."

"It was a tough moment and I think, as we go back a long time, I think that friends do get angry at each other and they do yell at each other," she cotinued. "If you don't care, you don't bother with people, right? So I thought it was a true show of [Bethenny's] love for me."

Earlier this week, in an exclusive interview with ET, Luann also responded to Ramona Singer's claim that she's still drinking alcohol despite going to rehab. Ramona first accused Luann of continuing to drink during part two of the RHONY reunion.

"A lot of what Ramona says in the reunion does get me in trouble, 'cause people see it and they listen to it," Luann said. "It doesn't help me and it doesn't help me get through this difficult situation, so I really didn't appreciate some of the comments Ramona makes in the second reunion episode."

Hear more in the video below.


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