'Lucifer' Stars Preview Their 'Beautifully Overwhelming' Musical Episode (Exclusive)

Only ET was on set with Tom Ellis, Lauren German and Aimee Garcia for the epic musical spectacular.

The cast of Lucifer is getting musical!

The beloved Netflix series shared a sneak peek at their upcoming musical episode on Saturday, during DC's FanDome event, and only ET was on set to get an exclusive first look at all the theatrics from stars Tom Ellis -- who plays the titular Prince of Darkness -- Lauren German and Aimee Garcia.

"I feel like I have won a competition," Ellis raved to ET's Katie Krause. "I am having the time of my life. I cannot wait for people to see this episode."

"We have done a lot of music in the show and done some dancing, and people were always like, 'Are you going to do a musical episode?'" he noted. "We always wanted to find a way to do it where it wasn't just a musical episode, there needed to be a reason for the music and dancing to happen."

"People that love musical theater and musicals are going to absolutely adore it," added German, who plays Detective Chloe Decker, Lucifer's crime-fighting partner and love interest. 

Part of the initial difficulty of making the show's musical dreams a reality in season 5B, Ellis noted, was making sure they locked in the perfect songs for the perfect emotional moments.

"We tried to find some connection, rather than just being random songs," he explained. "Music is the way into people's souls a little bit, and it's an unspoken language. It taps into a place that maybe the spoken word does not."

While their characters have had their share of romantic ups and downs, Ellis and German couldn't have had more praise for each other's performances. "This one is an amazing dancer by the way," Ellis raved, while German previewed a particularly poignant musical moment.

"Lucifer is in a difficult place, and Tom goes into song... and I was in my trailer just crying at how beautiful the moment is and just knowing the moment in the story, it brought tears to my eye," she recalled. "It is so absolutely touching and gorgeous... You can feel what he is feeling, through the singing, and it's beautiful."

"I am super proud of this entire episode and how it has turned out, because this is something I have wanted to do on the show for a while," Ellis raved. "We needed to find the right moment and this is totally the right moment. I am just delighted with how it has turned out."

Garcia agreed that the highlights of the episode are the moments that showcase each character's vulnerable side. "Even Chloe and Lucifer, they have not danced together since the prom episode. Fans are going to go nuts for the Deckerstar moment, to see Lauren spin into Tom and have this moment... This episode shows us at our most raw and vulnerable."

Ellis even teased Lucifer and his heavenly father, God (played by Dennis Haysbert), might share a musical moment as they work on repairing their estranged relationship.

"They are having huge issues, huge unresolved issues," Ellis noted, after God was finally revealed in the season 5A finale. "[Lucifer] has sort of a revelatory moment in this episode where he is like, 'Maybe, for the sake of other things in my life, I should try getting along with my Dad.'"

"Everyone can relate to having that one person," Garcia added of the tense father-son relationship. "You can be a total boss. You can be, you know, Oprah, Beyoncé, and there's that one person that you want their acceptance. For Lucifer, it's God."

When it came to gearing up for her own performances in the musical episode, Garcia admitted that it was "really fun" but also "a little bit terrifying, because it's professional dancers and big cameras... it's beautifully overwhelming."

"I am surrounded by professional dancers, and I know it's like, the closest I am going to have to a Beyoncé moment, so I want to make sure to get those steps ingrained so I don't have to think about it and can give the camera a little sass and Ariana Grande hair whip," she said with a laugh.

However, she said the episode as a whole is a favorite -- both for its epic performances and the more poignant moments.

"There's Deckerstar moments, there's realization moments, it's really good," Garcia raved. "It's funny, because you hear musical episode and think light and playful, but at the table read, it was silent when we ended, and it was really emotional." 

Surprisingly, some of those emotional moments in 5B will be coming from the usually perky Ella, who faces one of the series' darker storylines in the new episodes.

"Singing is such a vulnerable thing to do," Garcia noted. "You are seeing these characters raw, you are seeing them without their mask, which I don't think we have ever really done in the show. Ella is pretty transparent, but you are seeing her most vulnerable thing and her Achilles heel."

Lucifer is streaming now on Netflix, and the show was just recently renewed for a sixth and final season. See the cast's reaction to how that might affect the season 5 storyline in the video below.