Luke Bryan Says Carrie Underwood Will Be 'Beautiful As Ever' at ACM Awards (Exclusive)

ET caught up with the 'Most People Are Good' singer backtage at his rehearsal for Sunday's ceremony in Las Vegas.

Luke Bryan is "looking forward" to reuniting with Carrie Underwood

Both country stars are set to perform at Sunday's Academy of Country Music Awards, which will mark something of a comeback for Underwood as her first public appearance after suffering a major injury to her face and wrist last year. The 53rd annual ACM Awards air April 15 on CBS. 

"I haven't seen her," Bryan told ET, explaining that he and Underwood's husband, Mike Fisher, are good friends and sometimes fishing buddies. 

"I've checked on her through Mike just saying, man, I mean, I know they've had a tough year with all that," he continued. "But, listen, Carrie Underwood's going to be as beautiful as ever. I know it's been a big story, but I think, I'm sure she'll be relieved to finally move on from all that stuff too. [I'm] looking forward to seeing her be as amazing as she always is." 

ET caught up with Bryan backstage at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Friday, where he was rehearsing for his own performance. The 41-year-old singer is set to perform his current single, "Most People Are Good." 

"I've been doing it on the road and it's obviously been on radio, and watching the fans, it's a really inspirational, meaningful song," he said. "Certainly with everything that's going on in our media these days where it seems like the negative bad people always get shuffled to the front. Well, this song certainly celebrates and reminds you that most people are good out there." 

The song feels especially meaningful, Bryan said, in the wake of the devastating Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting in Las Vegas last October. 

"This is our first kind of big get together as the country music community comes back to Vegas," he mused. "I felt like it'd be a great song for the fans and certainly the artists, and everybody out there that's still and will forever be healing from the tragedies of the night at Route 91. It felt like the right moment to do this song." 

Jason Aldean was on stage the night of Oct. 1 when a gunman opened fire on the outdoor music festival from the window of an adjacent resort hotel. 58 people at the concert were killed in the attack and more than 850 others were injured, making it the deadliest mass shooting in American history. 

Aldean is also set to perform during Sunday's ceremony. He spoke with ET about the significance of the moment in an interview at his iHeartCountry album release party in Los Angeles on Thursday. 

"I think every time I go to Vegas from here on out it'll be a little bit different," Aldean admitted. "I have just a little bit of a weird feeling. But I think I've experienced a lot of great things out there, a lot of big times in my career, really career defining moments for me in Vegas, so I love the city."

To see more from Aldean's interview, watch below.