Luke James on Why Nipsey Hussle Is 'the Evolution of Tupac' (Exclusive)

The 'Little' star and celebrated singer opened up to ET Live about the late rapper's powerful impact and legacy.

Luke James is opening up about the loss of Nipsey Hussle and the legacy he left behind.

The R&B singer and Little star sat down in studio with ET Live's Jason Carter on Tuesday, where he reflected on the Victory Lap rapper, who was tragically shot and killed outside his clothing store in Los Angeles on March 31.

"I had a moment with Nipsey years ago, he came to me and my brother's first video shoot. He was just a solid dude," James shared.

The singer reflected on a comment he'd heard recently regarding the impact of Tupac Shakur -- who was shot and killed in 1996 at the age of 25 -- and how Hussle managed to expand on that legacy.

"Tupac spoke about the things he wanted to do, the things he wanted to see. The evolution of Tupac is Nipsey Hussle," James shared. "He heard that and he actually did it. He put the action behind the words."

"I think it's important to celebrate people like that, who come from where you come from and have all the hardships we all have, and chose a different route," he added. 

However, despite his success, Hussle never left the neighborhood he grew up in, despite its dangers, trying to improve the city and the lives of those who live in it for future generations.

"It's important for the kids, who live in these dangerous situations and areas, [to] see you can walk out of this, and you can be great," James said "It's important we… keep doing the work that he was doing and keep it spreading."

"The time we're in right now, there's a lot of hate in the world. And I think everyone needs to unify and have unity for love," he added.

Following Hussle's shocking death last month, James was one of dozens of music stars and entertainers who took to social media to mourn his death and share their condolences with the rapper's family.

James shared a pensive black-and-white photo of Hussle at a tribute to the artist's memory, and captioned the post, "Sending love to nipsey’s loved ones. truly sorry."

For more on Hussle's life, legacy and the outpouring of love and tributes following his passing, watch the video below.

James' new film, Little, hits theaters April 12, and his TV drama Star airs Wednesdays on Fox.



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