Maddie & Tae Are Already Getting Emotional Thinking About Each Other's Weddings (Exclusive)

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Maddie & Tae are both getting ready to head down the aisle -- and they can't wait to celebrate each other's happy ending!

The country duo, aka Madison Marlow and and Taylor Dye, recently sat down for ET's Artist x Artist interview series, where they opened up about everything from their first impressions of each other to the evolution of their professional partnership, from touring with Carrie Underwood to dreaming of collaborating with Lizzo.

But of course, they've got weddings on the brain, as Maddie got engaged to longtime beau Jonah Font last June, and Tae just said yes to her own happy ever after when boyfriend Josh Kerr proposed last month.

"We've been 15-year-old girls together, growing into women, balancing this crazy career... and now we're both getting married," Maddie marveled as the pair, now both 24, reflected on their time together and how they're going to "rock" the next phase of their lives. "I've been sitting here, like-- I don't know what that chapter looks like for us." 

"I've seen you through lots of seasons," Tae agreed. "You and Jonah have been together for basically all of that. And you've seen me through heartbreak and love and all the in-between... So we've seen each other in every single aspect of life, and it's been really cool to see you now, about to get married!" 

The duo's third EP, Everywhere I'm Goin' -- which is the second installment of a three-part album -- drops on Friday, and they're fitting in wedding planning when they can, in between promotions, performing and more. "We don't stop and smell the roses anymore," Maddie joked, "we stop and drink the mimosas. That's how we survive around here."

"I love that we get to do it together, though," Tae said of the pair settling down -- which includes their engagements, wedding counseling, buying houses and more -- at the same time. "I would go crazy."

"It's nice to have someone that's kind of going through [the same thing]," Maddie agreed. "Obviously, it's always going to be different, because we're different people, but--"

"It's worked out really well," Tae finished, later sweetly telling her bandmate, "You're my safe place."

The tight-knit pair -- who admitted to having trouble focusing early in their career because they were such good friends -- are already getting emotional thinking about attending each other's weddings.

"After I get past the ball of tears and the hot mess, I'm just gonna have fun," Tae said of celebrating Maddie's big day. "Because I know that's what you want... I'm gonna cry, obviously, but then you're gonna be like, 'OK. It's go time."

As her musical better half, Maddie was welling up thinking about Tae's wedding day. "I'm gonna be celebrating so hard, like, she got her freakin' happy ending and has a man that loves her so hard and fearlessly... a partner that's gonna fight through life with you and not give up so easily."

"I'm just gonna be celebrating your happy ending, girl," she added, "and probably--"

"A little twerkin!' Tae exclaimed, as the pair busted out their dance moves.

The pair's lead single off their new EP, name-checks the whirlwind, worldwide journey they've been on since bursting on the country scene in 2014, and the video is packed with home video and photos of their loved once. "Staying grounded, that's what Everywhere I'm Goin' means to me," Tae explained.

ET caught up with the pair at the 2019 ACM Awards earlier this year, where they dished on their partnership and plans for a "first look" at Maddie's wedding. See what they're cooking up in the video below!

Maddie & Tae's new EP, Everywhere I'm Goin', is out now.


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