'Magic Mike's Last Dance': Behind-the-Scenes of Channing Tatum's Steamy Water Dance (Exclusive)

Check out this revealing featurette about the film's steamiest dance number.

Magic Mike's Last Dance brings the heat, the romance and undeniable dancing talent back to the forefront for a sexy swan song story that ups the ante for the entire franchise.

One of the most memorable and steamy moments from the film comes in the form of a water-soaked, on-stage dance number between Channing Tatum's Mike and an incredible dancer named Kylie Shea.

This exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette goes behind the scenes of the film's epic dance numbers -- including the mind-blowing rain routine -- that brought the real magic to the third Magic Mike film.

"It's really exciting to be a choreographer in a film like this because dance is one of the key components of the storytelling," shared Alison Faulk, who helped create the dances alongside fellow choreographer Luke Broadlick.

Reflecting on what Tatum brought to the film, Faulk marveled, "He does stuff physically that not a lot of professional dancers could pull off."

"We gave our utter bodies and souls into learning this thing," Tatum shared. "We had to learn this over months and months and months."

The special behind-the-scenes featurette, "Magic Mike's New Moves," will be part of the Magic Mike's Last Dance home media release.

The movie is available for early Premium Digital Ownership at home for a 48-hour rental via PVOD on participating digital platforms starting Feb. 28. Then, starting April 18, Magic Mike's Last Dance will be available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Additionally, The Magic Mike Podcast is set to launch on Feb. 28. Hosted by Magic Mike Live emcees Emcees Crystal Powell and Nikki Lowe, the podcast will have guests on to discuss their experiences performing every night with the men of Magic Mike Live.

Watch the video below to see a deleted scene from Magic Mike's Last Dance.