Makeup Artist Patrick Ta Shows Us How to Get the Gigi Hadid Glow With His New Line (Exclusive) -- Watch!

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Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta launches his first beauty collection of lip gloss, highlighter mist and more.

The ultimate glow-getter products are here! 

Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta, who paints the famous faces of Gigi and Bella Hadid, Shay Mitchell, Olivia Munn, Chrissy Teigen and so many more, launched his first beauty collection on Thursday on his website and it's everything you need to achieve supermodel glow. 

As of Friday, the range is also available at Sephora online and will head to its retail stores on May 24. 

Ta's eponymous line, which took two years to develop, debuts with the Major Glow range. It features four products in shimmery, pearlescent shades flattering on all skin tones -- a body oil, lip gloss, highlighting mist and a setting fan (yes, an actual fan). 

"Growing up I've always gravitated towards women because they were the ones who provided me comfort at a time in my life where I wasn't comfortable in my own skin," Ta told ET at our studio ahead of the launch. "So I really just wanted to create products that allowed women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Everything is all about skin, major glow from head to toe. And it's all about translucency, so you can see your skin underneath."  

Ta has worked with Hollywood's and fashion's biggest female names and credits them for helping grow his career. Mitchell became his first celebrity client after she found him on social media. 

"Shay actually slid into my DMs six years ago," the San Diego native explained. "And I was a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars and I had just moved to Los Angeles so I never worked with any celebrities. That was just like a big moment for me. I called my mom and was like, 'My life is going to change.' And Shay has honestly fought for me on jobs." 

Shortly after his roster began to grow, including Gigi Hadid. 

"All of my clients have helped me so much and another client that found me not too long after [Shay] was Gigi Hadid and she honestly changed my life," Ta shared. "Her energy is the best energy. Shay and Gigi's energy. They are by far some of my favorite, favorite girls." 

So is there a celebrity Ta hasn't worked with yet who's his dream client? 

"I would also love to work with Beyoncé. And I worked with Rihanna a few times now, but I would want to continue to work with her. She is everything to me. Whenever I leave doing her makeup I feel like, this is what makeup artistry does to you. I am in shock. I feel in awe. I can't speak because I love her so much. I'm obsessed with her." 

ET caught up with the artist on Thursday night at his glamorous blush pink-themed, flower-bedecked launch party with Moët & Chandon in Hollywood, which he described as a "major moment." 

"I'm so, so, so excited," he said. "Tonight has honestly been more than I can expect!" 

Patrick Ta and Shay Mitchell in Nedo at Ta's launch party. - Amanda Edwards/FilmMagic

Ta was surrounded by friends, family and of course the A-list women who have worked with him for years. Supermodel and Rose Inc. founder Rosie Huntington-Whiteley described why she loves working with Ta. 

"Patrick does the best, like, glowy, luminous skin. And this evening he did my makeup for the event, which I feel very privileged that he made time for me on this special evening to come and do my makeup," the British beauty told reporters. "And I tried his products for the first time, which was really fun. And I just love when he does my makeup, I learn something every day." 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Isabel Marant, Patrick Ta and Alessandra Ambrosio at Ta's launch party. - Getty Images for Moët & Chandon

Actress Olivia Munn also imparted excitement when speaking about Ta and his ability to tailor each makeup look. 

"Patrick is really amazing because he doesn't do the same makeup on every single person," Munn said to reporters. "You know, you're Asian, you're brunette, you're blonde, and there are makeup artists that I've worked with that will do the same makeup on each of us. We would all have the same contour. We'd all have the same highlighter in between our eyes. The same color. The same way they'd shape our eyes. And with Patrick, everybody would get something that was custom to their face for what he sees, for what he thinks is going to make you feel your best." 

Olivia Munn in Schiaparelli at Ta's launch party. - Getty Images for Moët & Chandon

The makeup artist's Instagram is brimming with flawless close-up photos of his celeb clients to document the gorgeous glam before walking out the door for the red carpet. Although it appears flawless, Munn told ET it's not as effortless as it seems to capture the moment: "Glam pics are the worst because they get so close!" she exclaimed.

"It's hard. I mean, hats off, when I see other people doing it all the time I'm just like...I look at Patrick's all the time and I'm like, how does Gigi [Hadid] nail it every time?" she added. "But she's a supermodel, I get it, but still, it is difficult." 

Munn hilariously posted blooper pics from Thursday night's mini photo shoot, reiterating her struggles. 

Watch Ta work his magic with his new glow-inducing products on model and dancer Larsen Thompson in the video above and shop his range ahead. 

Shop the Collection: 

Patrick Ta

Patrick Ta Beauty Major Glow Body Oil $52

Patrick Ta

Patrick Ta Beauty Major Glow Lip Shine $22

Patrick Ta

Patrick Ta Beauty Major Glow Highlighting Mist $32

Patrick Ta

Patrick Ta Beauty Major Glow Setting Fan $24

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