'Mama June: Family Crisis': Pumpkin and Jessica Are Shocked at Anna's Rapid Decline (Exclusive)

Pumpkin and Jessica pay their sister, Anna, a surprise visit, and are heartbroken upon their arrival.

Pumpkin and Jessica are heartbroken to see Anna not in the holiday spirit.

In an exclusive clip from Friday's episode of Mama June: Family Crisis, Pumpkin and Jessica pay Anna a visit, after Mama June informs them that her cancer has taken a turn for the worse. 

"What did y'all come over here for?" Anna, who is hooked to an oxygen tank, playfully asks her sisters as they walk in.

"Well, to give you a hard time," Pumpkin says.

"Mama sent us girls a text letting us know that Anna was rapidly declining so me and Jessica both wanted to make sure she's doing OK," Pumpkin explains in a side interview.

Back in Anna's living room, the sisters have no time for tears, as they playfully compliment her on the lack of hair she has on her face. Still, amid the laughter, Pumpkin can't help but to ask Anna about her breathing support.

"So with the oxygen thing, are you having to wear that all the time?" she asks Anna.

"There's days...like I wore it off for the past three days because I've been having a little bit of a tightness in my chest," Anna explains. 

In a side interview, Pumpkin breaks down at the reality of her sister's health.

"Like the fact that she's on oxygen is crazy," Pumpkin tells Jessica as she gets choked up.

"So quick how, like, everything rapidly goes," Jessica adds. 

"She was breathing on her own a few weeks ago," Pumpkin says. "It really changed very fast." 

In Anna's living room, Pumpkin points out that she hasn't even decorated for Christmas --- which has historically been Anna's favorite holiday. Though Anna chalks it up to her husband, Eldridge's, busy work schedule, her sisters know it's another harsh reality of her declining health. 

"Anna is a huge Christmas lover," Pumpkin says in an interview. "Normally this girl decorates the day after Thanksgiving for Christmas and to look around and not see any type of Christmas stuff, that's kinda like hitting me because that's how you know it's getting bad." 

Anna died in December after battling stage 4 adrenal carcinoma. The mom of two was 29.

Ahead of Mama June: Family Crisis' return, ET spoke with Mama JuneLauryn "Pumpkin" EfirdAlana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson and Jessica Shannon who reflected on the moments ahead of Anna's death -- where they say she maintained her sense of humor.

"She was cracking jokes the day before. She was cracking jokes. She was like, 'Mama, you're being too damn loud!'" Alana recalled. "And then she wanted a steak so bad. She knew for a fact that she wasn't going to eat the steak, but she wanted the steak."

June admitted that she thinks about that "very awful" time "every day," but noted that she and her family manage to feel Anna's presence "all the time."

"She's right here with us today. We talk about her. [Jessica's] got a tattoo. We keep her alive," Mama June said, before Pumpkin agreed, stating, "I feel like we still very much keep her memory alive. We talk about her a lot."

Mama June: Family Crisis airs Fridays at 9 p.m.ET/PT on We tv.