Mama June's Daughter Jessica Says She's Considering Using Brother-in-Law Josh as a Sperm Donor (Exclusive)

Mama June's daughter, Jessica Shannon, tells ET that she's considering using her brother-in-law, Josh, as a sperm donor.

The family drama continues for Mama June and her brood.

In a shocking revelation, Jessica Shannon is contemplating an unconventional road to motherhood -- using her brother-in-law, Josh, who is married to her sister, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Efird, as a sperm donor to have a baby with her partner, Shyann McCant.

When asked directly if Josh could be the sperm donor, Jessica told ET’s Rachel Smith, "Well, we'll have to see about that."

June admitted she was blindsided by the idea, saying, "I think for me it threw me for a loop."

Pumpkin seemed put off by her mother's bewilderment, adding, "Don't get too deep."

The matriarch wasn’t having it, responding, "That was my reaction when I was told, I was gonna leave it at that."

While there may not be a baby on the way just yet according to Jessica, who said, "Not now," Shyann is clearly eager to take the next step, with Pumpkin revealing that "Shyann is still bugging her though every day. Shyann wants a ring too."

As for the possibility of Josh actually being the sperm donor, Pumpkin expressed some hesitation, stating, "I don't know. There's a lot that ties into it more than just doing." However, she did acknowledge the financial realities, adding, "You do 100 percent, you do ask who you can."

Jessica echoed the economic factors, saying, "I don't think people understand how expensive it is, so you ask who you can."

In July 2023, Jessica discussed her coming out with ET, revealing that June discovered the news through social media. At the time, their relationship was strained.

"You can't help who you love," June remarked.

By the summer of 2023, Jessica had been dating her girlfriend Shyann for a year.

Meanwhile, June is now nearing her fifth anniversary of sobriety. She told ET that, in the aftermath of daughter Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell's death in December, she's laser focused on staying sober. 

"Dealing with that," she said, "it kinda, like, sucks for me in a way because everybody is, like, waiting for me to jump off the edge." 

The Mama June: Family Crisis star continued, "I have her daughters to think about." 

Looking back on her own journey, June added, "I don't even know who that person was five years ago." 

June also addressed her weight loss journey, sharing that she's dropped almost 30 pounds in nine weeks through her use of weight loss drugs. 

Pumpkin said June has gone "a little overboard with it." 

"Mama's thing is like, when she's really strict on herself, she's really strict on herself," Pumpkin admitted. 

In addition to the medication, June said she's also working out "three to four times a week" and has changed her eating habits. And while it's a noted change from her 2015 gastric sleeve surgery, she's hoping that a slow and steady strategy will have lasting effects after she gained between 120 and 130 pounds over the last year. 

"Even though I'm losing weight, I'm only about three to four pounds a week," she said. "It isn't as fast as a gastric sleeve or a gastric bypass, but it is doing it, like, more safer." 

June's goal, she revealed, is between 170 and 180 pounds. 

"I still have about 74.2 pounds to go," she said.