Mama June Hospitalized for Severe Headaches and Dizziness: Report

Mama June's routine doctor's visit resulted in a hospitalization.

Mama June Shannon's severe headaches and dizziness proved to be a major concern for doctors when she went in for a routine doctor's appointment. So much so, she was rushed to the hospital.

The TLC star is currently in the hospital with her new husband, Justin, by her side, per TMZ, which first reported the news. According to the outlet, Mama June had a routine checkup scheduled for Monday, and it was then when she told doctors about the severe headaches and dizziness.

It appears this piece of information was enough for doctors to become concerned, and Mama June was admitted to the hospital where specialists are currently trying to figure out what's causing the severe headaches and dizziness. She told TMZ she's undergone a series of scans and tests, but so far no diagnosis.

Mama June also wanted to make it crystal clear to the outlet that she has not relapsed, and whatever is affecting her health is not substance-related.

The last few months have been eventful for Mama June, who just last month appeared on WE tv's Super Sized Salon for a makeover. During the fourth episode of the show's first season, Mama June also opened up about her road to sobriety.

"My addictions were cocaine and meth," the reality star told Jamie Lopez, the owner of Babydoll Beauty Couture, the first salon to cater to plus-sized women. Mama June went on to say that she now stays away from all drugs and alcohol in an effort to remain completely sober. 

Also last month, Mama June proved victorious following her appearance on A&E's Court Night Live, where she won $5,000 against her former friend, YouTuber Adam Barta.



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