Mark Ronson Recalls the Moment He Knew Lady Gaga Was the Real Deal in 'VMan' Exclusive First Look

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Mark Ronson's 2019 is already one for the books.

The 43-year-old producer and songwriter took home a Golden Globe, Critics' Choice Award, GRAMMY, and just won his first Academy Award with Lady Gaga for Best Original Song for "Shallow" from A Star Is Born.

The two artists' relationship spans over a decade and upon meeting Gaga, Ronson instantly knew she was the real deal.

“[When we met], [Gaga] was just starting to blow up, and I was like, ‘Do you want to come out with me and my friends in London?’" Ronson recalls in his new interview with VMan. "We ended up at a loft apartment in East London. She instantly went to a piano. There’s 30 people [there], nobody knows who she is, she’s wearing this skin-colored latex outfit, she’s playing some chords, and [we have] a jam session. I think five o’clock came around, and she was still there.”

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Ronson -- who covers the latest edition of the magazine in a white Louis Vuitton jacket -- also recently collaborated with another pop star, Miley Cyrus, on the hit "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart."

“The longing is there, the heart is in the voice, but there’s still killer basslines and drums,” he says about their edgy track. “I need to know that I’ve reinforced [a song] with everything that’ll give it a chance. What’s the point in getting Miley Cyrus to deliver this amazing vocal if you’re not going to ensure that it’s gonna f**kin’ bang?”

Winning awards and creating bangers aside, his new album, Late Night Feelings, will be even more personal for Ronson than anything he's ever created.

“You know that feeling when you are trying to get to sleep and then two, three a.m. rolls up, you start to see dawn cracking, and you’re like, how the f**k am I going to get through tomorrow?" he explains. "It’s about anything that leaves you unable to sleep. Heartbreak, anxiety, lust, bills, disdain for the world, the state of America."

While Ronson has a slew of hits, including "Uptown Funk" with Bruno Mars, the artist continues to push himself and knows that at his age, he must try harder to prove himself.

“I think that continuing to care about the quality of the music is a good formula," he shares. "I know I’m a 43-year-old dude making pop music. I’m aware my shelf life should may be over. You have to prove yourself.”

Mark Ronson V Magazine
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ET caught up with Ronson last month, where he opened up about creating "Shallow" with Gaga, as well as revealing that the single wasn't originally written as a duet for the leading lady and Bradley Cooper.

Watch below to hear what he shared. 


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