Mark Wahlberg Baffles Fans by Revealing His Intense Workout Schedule

Mark Wahlberg
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There's a reason this guy has had a six-pack since the '90s!

Mark Wahlberg puts in the hours!

On Tuesday, the Mile 22 star decided to field some questions from fans on social media regarding his rigorous workout routine. Then, he surprised his legion of followers by sharing a breakdown of his daily schedule.

First, he kicks his day absurdly early — at 2:30 a.m.! Also, he claims to hit the gym not once but twice a day! Oh, and he also works in a round of golf, which we’re guessing is his own hyper-athletic brand of the game involving sprinting between hits.

Around mid-morning, the 47-year-old leading man presses pause to hop into a cryo chamber to give his muscles the chance to recover from this demanding schedule. Mind you, this chamber is capable of dropping down to 150 degrees below zero.

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"I'm telling you, it is great for recovery, and it just takes all the inflammation out of your body, it helps you sleep good," Wahlberg told a stunned Ellen DeGeneres of his cryotherapy during a recent visit to her daytime show before adding that he only goes in three minutes at a time.

Wahlberg’s afternoon is largely spent taking meetings, making phone calls and spending time with family. Then at 5:30 p.m. he’s eating dinner and in bed roughly two hours later. 

"Anything we've earned in this lifetime, we've worked for," Wahlberg told ET recently of his regimen. "It's the thing! Get up early, get it in, work hard and then you have the rest of your day." 

Needless to say, this guy is definitely earning his A-list status!

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