Mark Wahlberg Reveals His Fitness Routine Includes a 150 Degrees Below Zero Cryo Chamber

Mark Wahlberg on Ellen
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Now this is dedication. 

Mark Wahlberg is known for his fitness regimen and reveals on Wednesday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he uses a cryo chamber that dips down to 150 degrees below zero to help his muscles after a workout.

"I'm telling you, it is great for recovery, and it just takes all the inflammation out of your body, it helps you sleep good," Wahlberg tells a shocked Ellen DeGeneres.

When asked how the human body can stand such an environment, the 47-year-old actor explains:  "You can only go in for three minutes. You go in, you know, you have a mask on, gloves, socks, a hat." 

And apparently, it can get even more intense than 150 below.

"There is one in Columbus, Ohio...where you have to cover your nipples as well because they will start to really freeze and whatever else could happen," Wahlberg adds.

The Mile 22 star has shared much of his fitness routine and practice on Instagram too, including stepping into a chilly lake he called "God's Cryo."

Fitness, of course, is just one of Wahlberg's many outlets aside from acting. The star is co-owner of the restaurant Wahlburgers with brothers Donnie and Paul Wahlberg, and recently expanded the chain into Ohio, where Wahlberg added another business to his portfolio -- a car dealership.

"We have a restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio, we're opening one in Columbus Ohio. I love working. I have a lot of businesses in the Michigan area, the Ohio area, and it was just a great opportunity that we discovered," he tells DeGeneres, adding: "I was a car salesman when I was younger. I was a mechanic in training."

And so far, business has been good.

"We've been open for a couple months now. It's doing great," he shares. "I think we just got 197 on the top 250 dealerships in the country."

DeGeneres later offers to help boost Wahlberg's sales with a car commercial and a gift of an inflatable air dancer with Wahlberg's face--and abs!--plastered on it.

For more on how Wahlberg gets those abs, watch the video below!


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