'Married at First Sight': Becca Cries While Admitting She and Austin Need Help (Exclusive)

The couple has been struggling for a while now.

Becca is opening up about struggles in her marriage to Austin. In an exclusive sneak peek clip from this week's Married at First Sight, the wedding photographer, whose full name is Rebecca Haley, is in tears after an incident with her man when the cameras were off. 

Becca explains that she was trying to help Austin open a bag, which led him to mutter something under his breath. 

"It led to an hour and half drive home of, just like, more miscommunications," she shares, wiping away tears. "He admitted in the car that this last week he's been questioning whether we would work or not, which was hard. But it's also hurtful because I don't understand why he didn't bring it up before." 

Becca admits that she struggles with sharing how she's feeling with her husband, claiming, "Every time I do, it doesn't go well."


Crying into her hands, Becca says, "It just feels like we just need help." 

Becca and Austin have been candid on the Lifetime show about their marital struggles. Becca has admitted to being more sexually driven than her husband, and finds herself often seeking out Austin's attention. 

In a recent episode, Becca once again teared up, saying, "It doesn't feel good to have to like beg to be wanted."

For more on Becca and Austin's relationship, check out Married at First Sight when a new episode airs Wednesday on Lifetime. 


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