'Married at First Sight' Season 15 Couples Share Their Candid First Impressions of One Another (Exclusive)

Season 15 of the Lifetime series will premiere July 6.

Married at First Sight is back for season 15! Ten new singles are entering into Lifetime's social experiment, as it heads to San Diego, California, its first time on the West Coast.

Ahead of the season's July 6 premiere, ET spoke to the five duos, who reflected on what prompted them to sign up for the show, how their friends and family reacted to their choice, and their thoughts when they first saw their spouse-to-be at the altar.

Keep reading to see everything that the couples told ET, and tune into Lifetime on July 6 at 8 p.m. ET to see their journeys unfold.

Alexis and Justin

Alexis told ET that she signed up for the show because she "was tired of the vicious dating cycle," which she called "draining." Likewise, Justin said his way of dating "just wasn't working."

Though Alexis hadn't even seen a season of the show and Justin "literally knew nothing about" it, they both opted to give it a chance, with the support of most of their friends and families.

"My friends actually encouraged it," Justin said. "In fact, they were fans of the show... I sort of told my mother at the end... when I told her I was getting married in two weeks she says, 'Boy, [are] you crazy?'"

As for Alexis, she said that her "friends were definitely supportive," probably because they are "kind of desensitized to my crazy antics at this point." Her mother, however, "was not convinced that it was a great idea." 

"I had to make my mom come on board cause I'm her baby, but everyone ended up being supportive in the end," she said.

When they eventually made it to the altar, the pair had very different reactions to their soon-to-be spouse.

"I was like, 'Daaaaamn,'" Justin quipped. "... I was blown away, but when she opened her mouth [is] when she really got me. [She has a good] personality and [is] good looking, best of both worlds right there."

Alexis, meanwhile, teased, "Walking down the aisle to see my husband, I was like, 'He looks very familiar.' That's all I'll say."

Stacia and Nate

Stacia decided to give Married at First Sight a chance because she "just wanted to be married, have a companion and really just go through life loving somebody and being loved."

Nate agreed, telling ET, "I signed up for MAFS because I wanted a best friend, partner and somebody to explore the whole world with."

While Stacia "knew a lot about" the process and was excited for it to get her out of her comfort zone, her friends and family thought she was "completely nuts and crazy" for signing up.

Though Stacia felt good about her decision to sign up for the show, she admitted that her nerves were "unexplainable" on her wedding day. "I have the sweats... I wanna throw up, pass out," she said. "I just wanna get this over with and meet my husband."

Nate, meanwhile, was drawn to having experts match him with a partner, and his family saw the situation similarly. "They're really good supporters," he said. "They know that I take risks."

These particular risks didn't fully hit Nate until he was standing at the altar. "I'm just like, 'What the hell did I sign up for?'" he recalled. "I'm waiting at the alter now and I'm really hoping that Shrek doesn't come down the aisle."

Seeing each other for the first time was calming for both Stacia and Nate, with both telling ET that setting eyes on their spouse-to-be was a "relief."

"My first impression of Nate was, 'Thank God he is handsome,'" Stacia said, with Nate adding that he "felt better already" upon seeing his bride.

Morgan and Binh

Morgan viewed Married at First Sight as her "shot at love" after a series of "horrible dating experiences," while Binh was "tired of being a ninth wheel" with his married family and friends.

Neither Morgan nor Binh had watched more than a few episodes of the series before signing up, a decision that their family and friends had mixed reactions to.

"My friends and family thought I was absolutely crazy," Morgan told ET, adding that, "eventually, they came around and they're extremely supportive of all of this."

Binh, meanwhile, told ET" My friends loved it. They're happy for me, but my family, they're a little skeptical."

When their wedding day approached, Morgan said she "had so many feelings and thoughts running through" her mind.

"I was so nervous, I was anxious, I was a roller coaster of emotions," she admitted, "but finally walking down the aisle, you kinda just forget about all of that."

Binh agreed that he was "definitely anxious" and had "a hundred different thoughts in my mind" before reciting his vows.

Krysten and Mitch

Krysten was inspired to join the show because she wanted to share her happy life with someone. Also, she said, "San Diego is filled with beaches and sunshine and attractive men who just seem like they never want to grow up."

Mitch had similar reasons for joining, telling ET, "I had a great life, but the only thing missing was a partner."

Though their reasons for signing up were similar, their experience with the franchise they were joining couldn't have been more different. While Krysten identified herself as "a huge Married at First Sight fan" who's " seen every episode of every season," Mitch "had literally never heard of" the show.

Once they were on board, their friends and family were too.

"I am so thankful to be surrounded by great friends and family who were very supportive of my decision to marry a stranger," Krysten said, before Mitch revealed, "My friends and family pretty much convinced me to go through with it because at first, I didn't want to."

When it came time to walk down the aisle, Krysten "was just so beyond nervous," while her husband-to-be admitted that the whole thing "was kind of all fun and games until the wedding day; that's when it all hit me really hard."

Despite her nerves, Krysten was able to recognize that she "was really attracted to Mitch immediately." Her groom, though, can't quite remember what he was thinking when he saw the woman he was to marry.

"I don't really remember my first impressions at the alter because I was kind of freaking out internally," he said. "But when I saw Krysten walk down the aisle with her dad, I was definitely like, 'Oh my God, this is for real.'"

Lindy and Miguel

Lindy "was sick of dating" when she signed up for the show, and was just ready "to be in a loving, committed marriage." Miguel agreed, telling ET that he hoped "to find someone like Lindy that I could live happily with and harmoniously with and just be fulfilled with" by appearing on the show.

While Lindy had watched a couple of seasons of the show before signing up, she said "nothing could have prepared me for the actual experience." Miguel, meanwhile, "binged a few seasons" after learning that he would, in fact, appear on the show.

As for how their families took the news, Lindy said it was different for each of her loved ones.

"My mom supported me from the beginning of signing up to marry a stranger. She just always wanted what I wanted for myself," she said. "My sister was very skeptical, but supportive. My dad, I'm still trying to get him on board."

Miguel wasn't sure how his family would react to his decision, so he didn't tell them about it until two weeks before his wedding day.

"At that point, my friends and family had no choice but to support me 'cause they knew I was gonna do it no matter what," he told ET. "They have been really supportive."

While Miguel was "anxious" when the big day approached, Lindy said she "was actually shocked about how calm" she was.

"Of course, there was some anxiety and nervousness... but for the most part I was just excited to finally meet him," she said. "I put so much work into getting to that point [that] I just felt so ready for it."

When that moment came, it brought good things for both Lindy and Miguel.

"The second I saw Miguel I was very excited," Lindy said. "I thought he looked so handsome. I loved his suit. I immediately had a crush on him."

"Immediately," Miguel recalled, "I was like, 'OK, this could work.'"

Season 15 of Lifetime's Married at First Sight will premiere with a special three-hour episode on July 6 at 8 p.m. ET. Tune in to Tuesday's episode of Entertainment Tonight for more of ET's interview with the Married at First Sight stars.



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