'Married at First Sight' Stars Woody and Amani Randall Welcome Baby Boy -- See the First Photo!

Amani and Woody Randall
Amani Aliyya/Instagram

The couple first met during season 11 of the hit show.

Talk about happiness at first sight! Married at First Sight couple Woody and Amani Randall have welcomed a baby boy.

The Randalls welcomed the baby on June 3, and Amani tells ET, "It's still pretty early but we think he may look more like Wood, and he may have Woody's eyes." She added, "I think he has my nose."

Woody, as expected, is over the moon about the baby boy.

"I'm very excited for Father's Day," he tells ET. "I'm looking forward to taking all the cheesy pictures with my baby, and wearing matching outfits."

Woody + Amani Randall, Kinetic Content

Woody and Amani met on season 11, which was set in New Orleans. According to Essence, which first reported the news, the baby is named Reign and he was born at 6 pounds, 8 ounces and measured 20.5 inches at birth. The outlet also reports Reign was born at home in a "very intimate" setting.

The couple celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary in February. At that time, Amani was 24 weeks pregnant. According to the outlet, Amani found out she was pregnant at about eight weeks, initially thinking she was sick with food poisoning from ahi tuna. 

"I took a pregnancy test that weekend and got a negative result," Amani told Essence. "After getting home and still feeling nauseous, Woody insisted that I take another test. I reluctantly took another test one Saturday morning and yelled for him to come in the bathroom. He smiled and said, 'What, are you pregnant?' I nodded, and handed him the positive pregnancy test. He smiled so big! I kicked him out of the bathroom [laughs]."