Martha Stewart Is Radiant in 'Unfiltered' Selfies: 'No Face Lift'

The 81-year-old TV personality showed off her fresh-faced look on Instagram.

Martha Stewart is loving her January glow-up. The 81-year-old TV personality took to Instagram to show off her smooth skin in a new selfie. 

"Lying in the shampoo area of @FredericFekkai the light was perfect for a new selfie!!! Absolutely no re-imaging!!!" Stewart captioned the photo. "Skin looking good after a mostly dry January and pilates @bedfordpilates every other day. By re -imaging I meant no filtering my selfie !"

Sitting in the chair while getting a shampoo, Stewart posed with her lips pursed and her skin glowing. 

She went on to share three more selfies, writing, "These are the other three selfies I took. My expression was better in the first one but my skin looks great in all of them. Un filtered. No face lift. Great derms my whole life."

She added that she's been getting facials for the last 40 years. 

Stewart continued to live the lux life, posting some photos of linguine she cooked and topped with caviar. 

When one commenter wrote, "Martha pulls out the caviar like the rest of us pull out the queso dip.😆," Stewart hilariously replied, "What's queso dip?"

Earlier this month, Stewart gushed to ET about another celebrity who is aging well, Brad Pitt. 

"I think he's aging beautifully," Stewart told ET of the 59-year-old actor. "Sorry, Brad, you're still young, but you are getting older."