Master P Emotionally Recalls Working With Nipsey Hussle Days Before Death (Exclusive)

The legendary rapper was in the studio with Hussle just two days before he was shot and killed on March 31.

Master P will always remember Nipsey Hussle

ET's Denny Directo and Jason Carter spoke with the legendary rapper at Hussle's Celebration of Life at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Thursday, where he paid tribute to Hussle, who was shot and killed outside of his clothing store on March 31. 

"Nipsey was a real soldier, somebody [whose] light is gonna spread around the world forever. He touched so many people coming from hip hop," said Master P, who was Hussle's musical idol and worked with him just days before his death. "He should have got this when he was alive, with all the work that he's done. But you know, just love and peace spread after his life is incredible because he's our angel now."

The "How Ya Do Dat" rapper praised Hussle for his work giving back to the community. He said that Hussle, born Ermias Asghedom, applied the same drive to both his music and charitable work. 

"I taught him a lot of the independence and chasing your dreams. This was a guy that just got it, right off the top. And he wasn't afraid to say, 'P, how do I do this? How do I do that?'" Master P shared. "I know he's smiling down on us right now, and his legacy is big."

"When you go out, you want to go out like this, and so many communities across the world are supporting this, and these kids are going to know his life, the good and the bad, the dos and the don'ts, and he's going to save so many other lives," he continued. "We lost one to save millions. That's what I feel like today is about."

Master P was also present at a more intimate service for Hussle held on Wednesday, which he called "beautiful." 

"It was a lot of love, a lot of family, friends that were close to the family," he described, adding that those in attendance didn't appear to be "in mourning." "People are like, 'You know what? It's time for a new beginning.'"

"Forget about the past and remember Nipsey as the guy who changed his life, the guy that wanted more for everybody, and the guy that gave up his life for us to have a better life. So, man, I can't do nothing but celebrate him. We gotta celebrate him," Master P expressed. "This is a guy that if I call on the phone, he's there... This is a real soldier that the world is going to miss, but the world is going to feel the joy forever."

The song Master P and Hussle worked on together just days before his tragic death was called "Street Millionaire," and will be featured on the upcoming soundtrack for I Got the Hookup 2

"In his community is where we made a lot of music at, so I always come back to the community because of him. And his spirit was so strong, 'I have to be here doing this,'" he recalled. "He had a connection and just was a giving person, a loving person to say, 'You know what? We have to show the world what the ghetto is about, and how we can put business back in there.' And he did it through music."

"I get in the booth with Nipsey, we made so many records, because something comes into our heads... and me and Nipsey just made the magic happen. He's a talented person, and he critiqued everything that he did, 'I got to do it this way, I got to do it that way,'" Master P said of their process in the studio. "We didn't really write. Like, it just came to us, all these songs that you hear that we created, it just came to us."

Master P said that he and Hussle brought "Street Millionaire" to life quickly. "We just did it, we knocked it out," he said. "This is a real soldier that the world is going to miss, but the world is going to feel the joy forever."

Master P's son, Romeo Miller, was one of the first to speak out following Hussle's death, saying the late rapper was like a "brother" to him. 

"We're a very private family. I know we're in the entertainment business, but there's not too many people who came in our family circle, that felt like family. That's what Nipsey was," Miller told ET on Thursday. "He made my dad happy, he made my dad smile. Whenever my dad wanted to talk to somebody, Nip would pick up." 

"It's not about the music, it's not about the legacy he left, but it's about the person Nipsey was, and that's why you see [such a big] reaction. He reminded me of my father," he said. "Sadly, we live in a world where a lot of good people, the people who deserve the roses, they don't get them while they're here, and that's why it's a hard time for everybody." 

"He was a rapper who had a purpose. He wasn't just rapping to make music, he had a purpose," Miller continued. "We're not looking at this as devastation. Nipsey, he's living forever. Legends don't die."

See more on Hussle in the video below.