Matt Damon Explains Wild Coincidence Between His Anniversary and Michael Jordan

Damon shared the story while on 'The Tonight Show.'

It was Sigmund Freud who said there are no coincidences. Then again, he didn't live long enough to hear Matt Damon explain the wild coincidence between his anniversary and how it's insanely connected to the GOAT, Michael Jordan.

During his Thursday appearance on The Tonight Show, Damon had a couple of very good reasons to celebrate. For starters, April 5 is the anniversary of when he met his wife, Luciana, meaning his Tonight Show appearance coincided with the 20-year anniversary of meeting his wife.

That's not all.

Also on Thursday night, Damon was celebrating the big premiere of Air, the biopic about Nike's groundbreaking collaboration with the NBA legend. And how does all relate to Damon's anniversary? Well, let him connect the dots and be prepared to be blown away.

"The movie Air is opening today and we realized that Michael Jordan wore two numbers in his career -- 45 and 23," Damon explained. "And the date [today] is 4/5/23. Isn't that crazy?! Much more importantly, it's been 20 years since I met Luci."

Damon and Luciana met at a Miami bar in 2003, when he was shooting the comedy Stuck on You. Luciana was the bartender. Just two years later, the couple tied the knot, and they now share three children.

Oddly enough, just two weeks prior to his appearance on The Tonight Show, Damon had also celebrated the 25th anniversary since he and Ben Affleck scored their first Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Good Will Hunting.

All these years later, Damon reflects on that monumental day like it was yesterday.

"The weird thing about that is that the year before we were watching it on TV," he recalled. "It was like, there was no adjustment period. We just suddenly were kind of there in the front row. And Billy Crystal sang a song with our names in it. We were like, ‘What is happening?!'"

Damon, who during the acceptance speech only shouted the same names Affleck had just mentioned, also revealed why they didn't have an acceptance speech prepared.

"We hadn’t talked about a speech or anything because I think, as kind of lifelong Red Sox fans, you don’t want to jinx anything," Damon explained. "Because I think both of us -- without even talking about it -- we were like ... because later we talked about it, I had this feeling, like, if I ever said, 'Hey we should think about a speech.' I would just flash forward to be like 50 years later in a bar with him going, 'Can you believe we practiced the speech? Like we would ever win an Oscar.'"

"You know what I mean? And then suddenly we were up there and I just pushed him into the microphone," Damon continued. "And he just started kind of babbling and and then saying names of people who had helped us. And then I was next to him and I was just screaming the names. I was like the hype man in the corner."