Watch Ben Affleck Get Confused for Matt Damon in New Commercial

Affleck appeared in Dunkin's latest spot, two months after premiering his Super Bowl ad.

The king of Dunkin' is back! On Monday, Good Morning America premiered Ben Affleck's latest commercial for the fast food chain. The spot comes two months after the Oscar winner -- who has been vocal about his love for the chain -- appeared in his first Dunkin' ad

In the new spot, Affleck approaches the camera to pitch himself as the leading man to two Dunkin' employees. 

"I'm here for the Dunkin' run campaign commercial," Affleck says to the employees as he shares the idea he has for the ad.

In a bid to sell himself for the gig, Affleck pulls the Hollywood card.

"I don't do commercials, I'm a serious actor," he says. "This is an art form for me."

The employees realize they do know the star, with one mentioning that she saw him in The Departed.

"Matt Damon ...," Affleck says, reminding them that it wasn't him in the film, as the employees continue to talk about Damon's work. 

Taking it all in stride, Affleck leaves the store with an iced coffee in hand and a white Dunkin' bag.

Damon may not have been there to join Affleck in the commercial, but he has returned to the big screen alongside his pal.

The Boston buddies star in the upcoming film, Air. While his friend has no problem sharing the screen with him, Afleck admits that Damon is kind of tough when it comes to letting him in a star-studded game club.

When asked during Monday's Kelly Clarkson Show if it's true that he's in a Wordle group with Bradly Cooper, Affleck disputes the claim and blames his friend.

"No, I'm trying to get into it, and I'm being velvet roped by the bouncer here," he says as he looks at Damon. "He's telling me that I gotta get a cooler plus one." 

Damon goes on to explain why Affleck hasn't made it.

"So there's Octordle, which is the eight words and then Quordle, which is the four words, and then Wordle which is the one," he says. "We play all three and then you add up your score. It's very very competitive. Will Arnett is in it, Bradley Cooper, Jason [Bateman]."

"And I'm not," Affleck adds.

"You're welcome to join, I just advise you ... we call it the "Nerdle League." I was like, 'You can join the Nerdle League, you just need to get your scores down.'"

Affleck agrees, saying, "The truth is they told me what their scores were. I was like, 'I can get in.' And the I did it a couple times and I was like, 'I might need to train.'"