Max Ehrich Photographed With 'American Idol's Sonika Vaid Following Demi Lovato Split

Max Ehrich Sonika Vaid
Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic — Group LA /Disney Channel

Max Ehrich might have a new lady in his life following his split from Demi Lovato. On Tuesday, the Young and the Restless star posted a photo on Instagram of himself with America Idol alum Sonika Vaid.

In the pic, Lovato's former fiancé is all smiles, wearing a Baby Yoda T-shirt with dark grey pants. He's holding onto Vaid, who's wearing all black, as they walk across a street at night. Ehrich left the post captionless and disabled the comments. Vaid, on her end, did not mention Ehrich on her profile.

Ehrich and Lovato split at the end of September, just two months after announcing their engagement. "It was a tough decision, but Demi and Max have decided to go their separate ways to focus on their respective careers," a source told ET at the time.

However, as Ehrich started posting about his breakup, even claiming that he found out that his relationship was over via a tabloid, a source told ET that their engagement ended for several reasons.

"Demi and Max’s relationship shifted once the couple got back to work and were separated," the source told ET. "Max is in Atlanta working on set and Demi is in L.A. The couple is used to being together and the separation made [them] realize they were moving too fast."

While the distance caused problems, the source also told ET that Lovato felt like the actor "wasn't being honest about things" at times.

"She’s worked very hard to get to a good place and isn’t willing to put up with anything that doesn’t serve her in a positive way," the source added. "The breakup was for the best.”

For more on their split, see below.


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