Meet Jeff Glor: 4 Things to Know About the 'CBS Evening News' Anchor

Life has certainly changed for the 42-year-old journalist and father of two.

Life has certainly changed for Jeff Glor since taking over the CBS Evening News desk. 

ET's Keltie Knight spent some quality time with the 42-year-old journalist and father of two, who gave us a tour of his home and office -- and opened up about how he manages to split his time between both. Here's four things to know about the CBS Evening News anchor. 

1. His mornings are madness. 

"There is no plan. It's like a battle," joked Glor, who shares 8-year-old son Jack and 2-year-old daughter Victoria with his wife, Nikki. "The children are launching a new offensive every minute, and you're just trying to defend that as best as possible and get everyone out the door." 

2. He's a family man. 

Glor has an hour-long commute from his home in Connecticut to his office in New York City, leaving by 7:30 each morning and not returning until around nine at night -- but he does his best to spend quality time with his children.

"It's not easy," he confessed. "That is why the weekends are so important, to carve out as much time as possible with the kids." 

3. His kids do get to watch their dad on TV, though. 

"At night they definitely watch, and I'm like, 'Get to your homework!' It's a little distracting," Nikki shared. "Sometimes I take videos on my phone of Victoria going, 'Daddy!' It's so cute." 

4. And his son might just follow in his footsteps. 

"Jack is obsessed with sports," Nikki gushed, while her husband predicted, "Jack is going to be, like, the next great sports announcer, possibly." 

As for Victoria, she's a definite daddy's girl -- but is still learning the ins and outs of show business. 

"She did almost make it on national TV, as she ran across the set lunging," Glor revealed. "If you look at the photo carefully, you will see crushed Apple Jacks all over the studio beneath her, which I was a bit mortified. They raided the green room!" 

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