Megan Fox On Supporting Her 9-Year-Old Son When it Comes to Wearing Dresses and Expressing Himself

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Megan Fox is all about embracing your own style and being yourself -- especially with regard to her own children.

The actress recently sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Glamour UK’s latest edition, and -- apart from talking about her and fiancé Machine Gun Kelly drinking each other's blood -- she also addressed something she's spoken on in the past about her son Noah's propensity for wearing dresses, and the bullying he's faced because of it.

“Noah started wearing dresses when he was about two, and I bought a bunch of books that sort of addressed these things and addressed a full spectrum of what this is," Fox shared. "Some of the books are written by transgender children. Some of the books are just about how you can be a boy and wear a dress; you can express yourself through your clothing however you want. And that doesn’t even have to have anything to do with your sexuality."

"So, from the time they were very young, I’ve incorporated those things into their daily lives so that nobody feels like they are weird or strange or different," added Fox, who was moved to tears while reflecting on the challenges her 9-year-old son has faced for his clothing.

"I can’t control the way other people react to my children," Fox continued. "I can’t control the things that other children – that they go to school with – have been taught and then repeat to them."

The Jennifer's Body actress -- who also shares sons Bodhi, 8, and Journey, 5, with ex-husband Brian Austin Green -- said she has largely kept her kids off social media, because she doesn't want to let the world in to share toxicity and judgement.

"That’s also why I don’t really put my children on Instagram or social media. I’m so proud of my kids. Noah is an unbelievable pianist. He can learn Mozart’s concerto in an hour. I want people to see that, but I also don’t want the world to have access to this gentle soul and say all the things that we all know they’re going to say," she said.

Fox explained that she sends her sons to "a school where the other parents are similar in their beliefs. And the other kids aren’t really on the internet, the same way that most kids are." However, this hasn't always helped when it comes to other kids trying to make Noah feel bad about himself.

"I knew when they were very young, I wanted to try to protect them however I could, especially limiting their exposure to the internet," Fox said. "So far, we’ve done a really good job and we maintain their innocence in a lot of ways, but I know I can’t protect them forever."

"Though I do have a child that suffers. So, I have a lot of worries about that, because I just wish that humanity was not like this," she continued. "Although my kid is so brave and my child is so brave and I know that they’ve chosen this journey for a reason. It’s just hard, as a mom."

Back in September 2019, Fox sat down on an episode of The Talk and opened up about how a then-6-year-old Noah was getting criticized at school for liking to wear dresses.

“Sometimes he’ll dress himself and he likes to wear dresses sometimes. And I send him to a really liberal hippie school, but even there, here in California, he still has little boys going, ‘Boys don’t wear dresses,' or, 'Boys don’t wear pink,’” Fox admitted. “So we’re going through that now where I’m trying to teach him to be confident no matter what anyone else says."

Check out the video below to hear more on Fox's candid conversation in the latest issue of Glamour UK.


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