Megan Mullally Skewers Roles for Women in 2019 SAG Awards Monologue

The 'Will & Grace' star brought Karen's charm to the Screen Actors Guild Awards stage on Sunday night.

The SAG Awards are in good hands!

Megan Mullally took the stage Sunday night at the annual awards show, honoring all the excellent acting performances that occurred on both the big and small screens over the past year, and for the Will & Grace star's opening monologue, she did not hesitate to take Hollywood to task over its historical lack of dynamic roles for women -- using some of this year's biggest female nominees.

"Glenn Close played a wife, so that's new," Mullally joked, noting Close's acclaimed film, The Wife, moving on to namecheck Melissa McCarthy's Can You Ever Forgive Me? "Melissa McCarthy played a woman who repeatedly apologizes and asks our forgiveness."

Mullally then went on to tease in good fun both of Emily Blunt's big movies this year, Mary Poppins Returns and A Quiet Place.

"Emily Blunt played a nanny," she said. "And in another film written and directed by her real-life husband John Krasinski, Emily played a mom who wasn't allowed to speak."

ET was with Mullally on the silver carpet before the show, where she shared that pre-show jitters thankfully aren't something she often deals with.

"I don't get super nervous that often unless I feel really unprepared," she explained, jokingly adding, "I mean... I haven't written anything yet but there's still time."

Unfortunately, her funnyman husband couldn't be in Los Angeles to cheer her on, which Mullally explained is because he's filming a TV show in the U.K.

Meanwhile, ahead of her hosting gig, the 60-year-old actress said to not expect her to get political, despite her outspokenness in the past.

"I’m not on stage for 20 minutes telling a series of amazing political jokes. That’s not going to happen. It’s not going to be political. It's going to be about actors and celebrating talent," Mullally explained to Variety on Monday. "I don’t think it’s that kind of night. I’m political, but my stock-in-trade is not politics."

Watch the video below for more from this year's Screen Actors Guild Awards.