Megan Thee Stallion Graduates from Texas Southern University

The rapper received her bachelor's degree in health administration.

Megan Thee Stallion is officially Megan Thee Graduate!

The 26-year-old rapper, whose real name is Megan Pete, joined the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Texas Southern University for their graduation ceremony on Saturday. Megan earned her bachelor's degree in health administration.

In a couple of videos making the rounds on social media, the GRAMMY-winning rapper can be seen decked out in her cap and gown smiling and posing for the cameras as she accepts her diploma. Understandably, the moment drew a rousing applause.

In a separate video, Megan looks happy as she and the rest of the graduates arrive for the ceremony. 

And, as if the day couldn't get any better, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who spoke at the ceremony, announced the rapper will also receive the 18th Congressional District Humanitarian Award on Sunday. Lee is the congresswoman who represents Megan's hometown of Houston, Texas. The award aims to recognize "outstanding public achievements by the people who live in the 18th Congressional district."

Megan was giddy ahead of the momentous event, taking to social media to share a link where her millions of fans can watch the graduation ceremony. She also posted a picture on her Instagram Story that showed her tossing a bedazzled cap while posing in front of a statue of the school's mascot. Megan captioned the pic, "Hotties you can watch thee GRADUATION here starting at noon.”

Back in November 2020, Megan talked with ET about working on a college degree in health administration.

Megan Thee Stallion / Instagram

"School is so hard and online classes are really hard too, but I was already doing online classes before quarantine started," she said. "I had to because I couldn't go on campus anymore. I mean, my focus was definitely better because I didn't have a lot of distractions. But I'm still in school, and I'm projected to graduate in 2021!"

The rapper said her late mother, Holly Pete, who died in March 2019 after a battle with brain cancer, inspired her to finish her education. Megan's goal is to one day open up her own assisted living facility. The "Body" rapper also has a scholarship fund program in partnership with Amazon Music. The program will award $10,000 to two women of color pursuing an associates, bachelors or post-graduate degree.

Earlier this summer, Megan took to Twitter to encourage fans to keep pushing ahead and never lose focus.

"My college experience has been a roller coaster!" she tweeted. "I started at PV went to some community colleges in between and I'm ending at TSU. Don't get discouraged! You can chase your dreams and your education at the same time."

Just last month, Megan went all out for her graduation photos with a jaw-dropping one-piece and sash. She was flanked by a fleet of tricked-out cars and posed with hot wheels too. Her cap was also bedazzled and read, "Real hot girl sh*t."

To say Megan was determined to see it through on her goals is an understatement.

"I have to finish everything I start. I'm not a quitter," she told ET. "What I'm studying is something I'm genuinely passionate about. My grandmother was a teacher; she definitely always pushes me to finish school. When my mother was still alive, she definitely was pushing me to finish college. So I'm definitely going to do it for those two."