Meghan McCain Reacts to Joy Behar Saying She Didn't Miss Her on 'The View'

Watch Meghan McCain Fire Back After Joy Behar Asks Who She's Voting For
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Meghan McCain is addressing the tense on-air moment.

Meghan McCain is taking the high road when it comes to Joy Behar bluntly telling her she didn't miss her while she was on maternity leave during a heated argument on The View last week.

McCain appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Monday and was asked about the tense moment. McCain acknowledged that it's been a "rough re-entry" back into The View after experiencing birth complications with 3-month-old daughter Liberty, and also having to process and discuss the recent riots at the U.S. Capitol.

"And I will say, I missed everyone," she said, choosing not to call out Behar. "Even if some people didn't miss me, I missed the show. We're a family. All these women were at my dad's funeral. We've been through a lot of s**t together, and I missed being on the show and I hope that we can all be examples, myself included, for where the country should go forward, because whether we like it or not, like, I'm not going anywhere on the show, Joy's not going anywhere on the show."

"We all have to love and co-exist together just like Americans right now," she continued. "We're all gonna try and co-exist and I really want to have us all move forward."

During the much-talked-about on-air moment last week, 78-year-old Behar and 36-year-old McCain were arguing about in-fighting within the Republican party when Behar snapped after McCain interrupted her, noting that she wasn't done talking.

McCain then quipped, "Joy, you missed me so much when I was on maternity leave. You missed fighting with me."

Behar shot back, "I did not. I did not miss you. Zero."

McCain was clearly taken aback by the comment, telling her, "You know what, that's so nasty. ... I was teasing because you said something rude, like, really?"

ET spoke with both Behar and McCain back in September 2019, when they insisted that despite their differing political opinions and sometimes intense arguments on The View, they still love one another at the end of the day.

"Of all the people backstage, we actually get along the best," McCain revealed. "Because we always want to watch news after and still talk about it."

When ET had the two interview one another in November of that year, they reiterated that there was absolutely no bad blood between them.

"We like each other!" Behar said. "They keep writing things about how we can't stand each other."

McCain agreed, sharing, "It genuinely hurts my feelings because our dressing rooms are next door to each other and you and I have the same emotional reaction to things, sometimes in different ways. We're both upset equally, the equal amount of the same things. I wish people would give us a break, for real."

Both women noted how passionate they are about their respective beliefs.

"It's not an act, we don't sugarcoat it, we go right in it," Behar said. "I think that's what we have in common. I think that there's mutual respect for that."

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