Meghan McCain and Joy Behar Address 'View' Feud Rumors (Exclusive)

'Of all the people backstage, we actually get along the best,' McCain tells ET.

Meghan McCain and Joy Behar are setting the record straight on their working relationship on The View.

While viewers of the long-running ABC daytime talk show have speculated as to whether the co-hosts are at odds with one another off-camera, given their differing opinions on political topics, the women are adamant that they get along.

"Of all the people backstage, we actually get along the best," McCain insisted when talking to ET's Keltie Knight while on set of The View in New York City. "Because we always want to watch news after and still talk about it."

Behar agreed, chiming in, "Yeah, it's true."

The two get along so well that McCain thinks they should be considered for other gigs. "Normally, we disagree but it's still a lot of good stuff coming up. I always thought they should have us moderate the debates," she pitched. "Because you're gonna get, first of all, we're not going to BS anyone. ...We are also going to ask all the questions that both extreme sides of the party want to know and I think that's important."

While Behar concurred, she noted, "They're too scared of us."

McCain, 34, and Behar, 76, agreed that they think some Republicans are apprehensive about coming on The View. 

"It's not always a nice environment for Republicans," McCain explained. "But I also think that if you can't come and do our table, you have no business being in politics or elected office or, God forbid, the presidency. Because if this scares you, you gotta grow up."

Agreeing with her conservative co-host, Behar added, "Exactly. You can't handle The View, get off."

McCain exclaimed, "If you can't handle Joy and Meghan, you shouldn't be running for office."

The two were quick to banter during ET's joint interview about their first day back on the show for season 23 after a month-long hiatus.  "[Meghan] likes to use that phrase, 'Did I just throw shade at you?' I love that," Behar quipped. "She's got all these hip phrases."

McCain also explained why it's important for her to be a conservative voice on The View. "Sometimes I'm calm, sometimes I'm not. I mean, people that watch the show know that," she shared. "I try to just remind myself that I'm representing 50% of the country. I'm representing a bunch of women even though I only have one chair and it's really important."

She also credited former View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck for inspiring her when she was younger. "I also try to think of, as cheesy as it sounds, what Elisabeth Hasselbeck used to mean to me when I was young, cause I used to watch The View in college and she was really such an icon for young Republican women," she said. "I hope I'm giving that to anyone that's watching. ...I was just in Wyoming, I know there's like people in the middle of the country that feel like they're really happy that someone's representing them."

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