Meghan McCain Reveals the One Regret She Has From Her Time on 'The View'

The co-host says she wishes she could take back a statement she made on-air following a night out of drinking with friends.

Meghan McCain has found herself in the middle of many controversial discussions on The View, and although she usually stands her ground, she admits there's one show moment she truly regrets.

In her recent interview for Elle's August issue, the 34-year-old conservative co-host says she's still embarrassed by saying that she hated Hillary Clinton on air, and calling her "Crooked Hillary."

"I apologized on TV and said that I was contributing to the polarization of this country," McCain says, explaining that she made the statement after grabbing drinks with friends the night before. "I really regret saying that. She was friends with my dad [Senator John McCain]. It's really not fair."

"My presence on the show has been, 'Nobody's going to bully me, nobody's going to talk down to me, and nobody's going to pull the kind of sh*t that's been pulled on a lot of people in this chair. And I will be vocal, and I will live in the moment, for better or worse,'" she adds. "[But] I should be better at being less reactive."

At one point in the interview, McCain also opens up about how her late father was actually the one who talked her into joining The View

"I didn't take the offer seriously, because, no shade to the show, it just wasn't the show that I wanted to work on," she explains. "A carousel of people getting on and off; it didn't seem to have a lot of direction."

"It was my dad who talked me into it," she continues. "He said, 'You can't ever give up an opportunity to work on a network with Whoopi Goldberg.'"

McCain was named an official co-host of The View in October 2017, after previously guest co-hosting the program in 2008 and 2010. However, in recent months and after many heated on-air discussions with Goldberg and Joy Behar specifically, rumors have been swirling that McCain is ready to leave the show for good.

"Meghan is in a tough position. She has a completely different view from the others and she isn't willing to acquiesce," a source told ET earlier this month. "Joy and Whoopi aren't offended by her standing her ground, because that's part of the show. But Meghan also fights back harder than the other hosts would like."

"The other hosts don't appreciate how she handles their disagreements," the source continued. "She crosses so many lines because she says exactly what's on her mind and she doesn’t care which of the hosts she offends. She clearly isn't trying to make friends."

A spokesperson for The View previously told ET, however, that "the co-hosts and The View have had an incredible season and we expect them all back for an epic year ahead."

Hear more in the video below.