Meghan McCain Feels Like She's 'Going to War' Every Day on 'The View,' Source Says

Meghan McCain isn't loving all the drama that comes with being on 'The View,' a source tells ET.

Meghan McCain isn't loving all the drama that comes with being on The View, a source tells ET.

The 34-year-old co-host has made headlines recently for her heated disagreements with her fellow hosts -- most notably 76-year-old Joy Behar and 63-year-old Whoopi Goldberg -- and a source tells ET that there is tension among the women on the long-running talk show.

"Meghan is in a tough position. She has a completely different view from the others and she isn't willing to acquiesce," the source says of McCain being the more conservative voice on the panel. "Joy and Whoopi aren't offended by her standing her ground, because that's part of the show. But Meghan also fights back harder than the other hosts would like."

"The other hosts don't appreciate how she handles their disagreements," the source continues. "She crosses so many lines because she says exactly what's on her mind and she doesn’t care which of the hosts she offends. She clearly isn't trying to make friends."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for The View tells ET, "Every day each of our smart and talented co-hosts come to the table prepared to explain and passionately defend their individual takes on the Hot Topics. This is exactly what The View has always been and will continue to be."

Although a Daily Beast report earlier this month alleged that McCain could be exiting the show for good due to her unhappiness, a spokesperson for The View told ET at the time that the show expects all of the hosts to be back "for an epic year ahead." Our source says that while Meghan doesn't want to leave the show, she is struggling with all the drama.

"Meghan hates the negative attention the show has brought to her lately and every day feels like she is going to war," the source says. "She certainly is valued for some of her opinions. All the drama keeps the show a ratings hit so, despite her behavior, it won't likely put her job in jeopardy."

"She does not want to leave the show because she knows it is such a great platform for her," the source adds. "She always acts like she wants to leave but that's just her using her muscle because she’s a draw for the ratings."

ET has reached out to McCain's rep for comment.

Last month, McCain and Behar's on-air fight took a shocking turn, when the two disagreed over President Donald Trump's supporters.

"You know what, Joy, really, I come here every day open-minded trying to explain it and it's not a fun job for me," McCain told Behar at one point. "I know you're angry. I know that you're angry that Trump is president."

She later proclaimed herself the show’s "sacrificial Republican," to which Behar offered a sarcastic, “Awww." McCain then stunned her co-hosts and the audience when she shot back, "Don't feel bad for me, b***h. I'm paid to do this."

Former View co-host Rosie O'Donnell weighed in on McCain's arguments during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, and said she had compassion for McCain, due to her still grieving the death of her father, late Senator John McCain. However, she did have one criticism.

"I wish she wouldn't be mean to Joy Behar, who is, you know, like, a living legend, and should be respected for no other reason than she's the elder statesman in the room," O'Donnell said.

Watch McCain and Behar's heated argument below:

-- Reporting by Adriane Schwartz