Meghan McCain Says She 'Finally Got COVID' and It Was 'So Horrible'

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Meghan McCain is opening up about her bout with COVID-19, from being overcome with fear and shame to "this phenomenon of post-Covid depression."

The former The View panelist and current Daily columnist penned her experience with the potentially deadly virus in her Tuesday column. The 37-year-old daughter of the late Sen. John McCain said she knew that she was tempting fate when she reposted a meme on Instagram joking about dodging golf balls at a driving range.

"That's how I felt -- having gone nearly two years into the pandemic without catching Covid," she wrote.

But, McCain wrote, several weeks ago she started feeling lightheaded and developed a bad cough. She said she got her hands on a rapid test and the results were in -- positive. McCain, who left The View in August, said she "became overcome with feelings of fear and shame" following the positive result.

"I think there is a feeling of invincibility after somehow dodging the virus for so long," said McCain, who revealed she and her husband, Ben Domenech, are vaccinated. Domenech also tested positive for the virus. 

Panic also set in for McCain, who desperately checked her 15-month-old daughter, Liberty Sage's, temperature every couple of hours to make sure she hadn't developed a fever. Fortunately, McCain said she hadn't and never caught the virus.

It's been a few weeks now since the positive test, and McCain said she is still "waking up feeling the aftereffects of a cold in my throat, getting fatigued easily, and unable to taste food or smell anything normally."

Then came "post-Covid depression."

"Another thing that a friend of mine told me about is this phenomenon of post-Covid depression," McCain said. "The most sad and pessimistic moments that I have ever felt -- since the initial months in lockdown – were after being diagnosed and sick these past weeks from Covid-19."

McCain can take solace in the fact she found support among family and friends.

"I can't fathom how people without support, resources and international columns to tell their story feel," she added.


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