Meghan McCain Walks off 'The View' Set After Tense Ana Navarro Argument

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The hosts of The View had a tense morning.

On Friday's episode of the morning show, the women were discussing the recent whistleblower complaint against President Donald Trump when things took quite a turn. 

When the possibility of a presidential impeachment came up, Meghan McCain began comparing this whistleblower to Julian Assange's WikiLeaks scandal.

"There's a lot of liberals who are OK with Julian Assange releasing Hillary [Clinton]’s emails... And now at the same time, those same people are screaming bloody murder about this whistleblower," she claimed.

McCain continued by saying that "all interference from a foreign country... is bad" and "you can’t play party politics with this," before Joy Behar interrupted to ask who McCain was referring to in her previous statement.

"Excuse me! I'm still speaking," McCain shouted in response.

The conversation continued for a bit before Ana Navarro took McCain's side telling her, "I'm with you. I have a problem with both... They'd like for it to go away... the administration, the people who are actually impacted by this."

"All Americans are impacted by this!" McCain yelled, rolling her eyes when Behar told her, "she's talking," in reference to Navarro.

Sunny Hostin then refocused the conversation on McCain, once again asking her to clarify her stance. As Behar, Navarro and Abby Huntsman jumped into the discussion, McCain yelled, "Excuse me! Maybe I was clumsy in the way that I said it." 

"I'm two feet away, I don't need you to scream at me this way," Navarro replied.

"I don't know what you just said," McCain, who had continued to speak when Navarro began talking, said.

"I said don't scream at me, I'm two feet away," Navarro repeated.

"You know what, that's so rude, Ana," McCain said as Behar led the show to a commercial break.

As the announcer began stating what was up next on the show via voice over, the camera flashed to clapping audience members before focusing back on the hosts' table, where McCain was seen exiting the stage. The camera next panned back to the audience, where those present were gasping and laughing.

According to one Twitter userThe View had to "add extra commercials" due to McCain's absence. 

The topic at hand appears to be an important one for McCain, who, earlier this month, got into an on-air fight with Pamela Anderson over her support of Assange.

During the spat, McCain called Assange a "cyberterrorist" and his supporters "ridiculous," while Anderson argued that Assange "believes in exposing governments for what they're really doing and [that] people have the right to know what is happening." 

ET recently spoke with McCain, who discussed being the conservative voice on The View and why she doesn't mind filling that role, even when it is contentious. 

"I think that's why people like the show. They know it's not scripted and they know we're not being phony and I'm not trying to placate to an audience," McCain said. "I always say we're like the only show that [talks] about J.Lo and A-Rod and North Korea in the same show, and I think that's important."

"We all have other projects and things going on. I actually forget about it," she added of on-air fights. "Other people remind me of fights, I'm like, 'I don't remember that one happening,'" she shared. "So, you know, I let it roll off pretty easy."


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