'Mexican Dynasties': Meet the Madrazo Family as They Give a Family Pet a Wine-Filled Send Off (Exclusive)

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Bravo's new series kicks off on Feb. 26.

That's one way to lay a beloved family pet to rest. 

The Madrazo family definitely isn't about subtlety, as viewers will soon learn when Bravo's Mexican Dynasties premieres next week. The reality show features the well-to-do Allendes, Bessudos and Madrazos of Mexico City, and only ET has an exclusive sneak peek showcasing exactly what we can expect from the fun and flashy new series.

Even after the death of her family's parrot, Kimbo, Paulina Madrazo is all about keeping spirits high. In ET's clip, Oscar Madrazo joins his sister and the kids to say goodbye to the bird -- though it's clear they weren't exactly close. 

"I'm all dressed in green, and I brought my green watch," Oscar says, bringing a "special coffin" for the bird -- which Paulina kept in her freezer.

"But Kimbo was grey, not green!" Paulina replies, unable to contain her laughter. 

"I'm known to have frozen some other animals before Kimbo. Two dogs, actually," she confesses to the camera. "Always when I'm traveling, tragedy happens, so what should I do?" 

"I hope that whenever I die, she's not on vacation," Oscar adds. "Because she would put me in the freezer!" 

"I'm going to have to buy a bigger freezer now!" Paulina jokes. 

See how the family busts out the wine to give Kimbo the ultimate send-off in the video below. 

ET's Brice Sander spoke with Oscar and Paulina at the Mexican Dynasties and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills joint premiere at Gracias Madre in West Hollywood last week.  

"It's great to share your experiences. When you are very proud about your life, your ideas, your country and you want to show it off and give your opinion of what's Mexico. You go like, 'Why not?'" Oscar, a popular TV host, explained of why he signed on to the series. 

"Yes, and nowadays Mexico really is in the spotlight in the whole world, and we really wanted to showcase our country and our culture in a very different way -- the way that we live it throughout our lives, our eyes, our hearts," Paulina added. "I think that that's why, I mean, we're here, and we're here for good! So we hope you enjoy it!"

"We are a very diverse, very fun, very loud country and culture and this is just a little taste," she teased. "[It's] the family experience! The full-on family experience!"

Robin Marchant/FilmMagic

Tuesday's premiere episode will feature the Madrazos coming together with the Allende and Bessudo families -- who have drama of their own. With family deaths, old rivalries and a big party, it's sure to be quite the ride. 

Mexican Dynasties premieres Tuesday, Feb. 26 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.