Michael B. Jordan Said 'Sorry' to His Mother After Viral Underwear Ad (Exclusive)

Jordan is the face of Calvin Klein's Spring/Summer 2023 campaign.

Michael B. Jordan is apologizing to his mother after his now-viral underwear ad. The 36-year-old actor posed for Calvin Klein’s Spring/Summer 2023 campaign wearing only the famous underwear. 

ET's Nischelle Turner spoke to the actor-director at the premiere of his new film, Creed III, where he shared that he said "sorry" to his mom before the eye-catching photos hit the internet.

"I was like, my mama gon' have to see this. Let me call her and be like, 'I'm sorry. It's out here,'" Jordan shared. "My business all out in the streets -- literally."

Shot by legendary photographers Mert & Marcus, the images mark the first time Jordan has worked with the brand, and the series of signature black-and-white photos highlight Jordan’s toned body.

The pics couldn't come at a more perfect time, with Jordan calling both the movie and ad a "moment."

"This was like, a moment, you know? Just to have everything come together at one time, it feels great," he gushed. "And to be able to share that moment with my other actors, who are having a moment of their own as well, it just feels special. It feels like everything is happening at the right time."

As for Creed III, which marks Jordan's directorial debut, the Black Panther actor said premiering the film as the director as opposed to solely an actor, doesn't feel too different.

"I mean, maybe a little bit," Jordan admitted. "I just know I got to introduce the movie. So, other than that, it's kind of business as usual. Just talking with you guys, talking about the movie, talking about my wonderful actors. It's awesome."

While it's seemingly "business as usual," it's still a special moment for the superstar who has his family by his side for the premiere.

"We thick out here tonight, and it feels good," Jordan said. "Hometown crowd. I got my family here, they're watching the movie for the first time. So, it's really special tonight."

Creed III hits theaters March 3.