Michael Buble Accidentally Runs Into Eric Stonestreet During an 'Ellen' Prank: Watch

The moment was a complete and hilarious coincidence.

Ellen DeGeneres could give Ashton Kutcher a run for his money because the TV host’s show basically turned into an episode of Punk’d on Friday. 

DeGeneres set up singer Michael Buble at a local supermarket to play a prank on unsuspecting customers as a very eccentric cashier. But it was Buble who was surprised when his very first customer was Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet!

The moment was not planned at all, but left both celebs feeling like there was something fishy going on behind-the-scenes. 

“I thought you were punking me for sure. My eyes got so big and I thought, ‘Oh no, they’re doing it to me!” Buble later told DeGeneres when he brought Stonestreet and another customer who was punked back to the show. 

“I would have loved that, but nope!” Stonestreet quipped. “I feel like I just crashed a party by the way. How funny is it that this is what you think living in Hollywood is… oh famous people are running into each other all the time!” 

In the prank clip, Stonestreet walks up to the cash register, and as soon as Buble starts talking he says, “I smell something awry in my Handy Market.”

Buble ends the transaction by asking for a hug and Stonestreet’s girlfriend, Lindsay Schweitzer, declares, “It’s Michael Buble!”

Buble had better luck on the next customer, an unsuspecting woman getting lots of groceries. Watch the clips to see what happened. 

For more pranks, watch the video below: