Michael Fassbender on His Love for Karaoke, Talks Hilarious 'Demands' While Filming 'The Snowman' (Exclusive)

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Michael Fassbender has a new title -- husband -- but before that, he was known as the Karaoke King!

ET's Carly Steel spoke with the actor about his new movie, The Snowman, earlier this month (before his wedding to Alicia Vikander), where he opened up about his love for the party activity. 

"I wouldn't say [I'm a Karaoke King]," Fassbender humbly confessed. "I mean, enthusiastic, I would say... [I do it] whenever I can." 

"It's just whatever's playing in my head," he described. "Like, if you say something, like a trigger word, that could make me sing a song. Like, the guy just came in and said we met in Vienna, and I was like... I started singing 'Don't Cry for Me Argentina.'"

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"Which was just weird," Fassbender's Snowman co-star, Rebecca Ferguson, interjected, admitting that she's gotten "quite good at lip-syncing" by following Fassbender around. "We might [take our show on the road]." 

"We'll call it 'Snowman: The Musical,'" Fassbender joked. 

The Snowman, the film, however is anything but a joke. Fassbender stars in the thriller as a detective working with a brilliant recruit (Ferguson) as they try to track down an elusive serial killer, after investigating the disappearance of a woman whose scarf is found wrapped around an ominous-looking snowman. 

The actors filmed the movie on location during a brutal Norwegian winter -- but luckily for Fassbender, he had something special to keep him warm. 

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"I demanded large people, like a group of six large people, to follow me everywhere on set," he cracked. "And production had to hire them and then they would all sort of lay on top of me." 

"In big, overall onesies," added Ferguson, who said she would instead keep warm in her trailer, with heating patches and hot water bottles.

Fassbender, however, kept to his story: "I would just use human body heat."

The Snowman hits theaters this Friday.