Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Are Totally Jealous of Her Co-Star Sam Heughan’s 'Six-Pack' Abs (Exclusive)

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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are one gorgeous Hollywood couple -- but even they get envious from time to time!

The 34-year-old actress didn’t hold back when talking to ET’s Nischelle Turner at the cast junket for her new comedy, The Spy Who Dumped Me. Joking alongside co-stars Justin Theroux, Kate McKinnon and Sam Heughan, Kunis admitted that she and her husband are seriously jealous Heughan's fit physique.

“Look, there’s been plenty of times where Ash and I were driving through Budapest and Sam is just shirtless on a bridge jogging along," she said of the Outlander heartthrob. "Ash and I were both like, ‘Godd**n, that a**hole, just jogging along with his little six-pack."

Heughan, 38, added, “I tried to get them to jog naked with me, but it didn’t happen. We’ll do it.”

Kunis added of Theroux and Heughan, “They’re both very healthy humans. They’re manly – lots of six-packs, even eight-packs here.”

While Kunis doesn’t think she’s as fit as her co-stars, that’s not the reason she doesn’t think she’d make a good spy. “I’m very loud," the mother of two admitted. "I feel like I wouldn’t be able to sneak into places very well."

As for why she could make a good spy, Kunis added, "But I am petite.”

The Spy Who Dumped Me hits theaters on Aug. 3. Here's more with the cast:


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