Milo Ventimiglia's Parents Are His Emmys Dates After Watching 'This Is Us' Weekly 'With Tissues' (Exclusive)

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The 2019 Emmy Awards are a family affair for Milo Ventimiglia!

The This Is Us star brought his parents, Peter and Carol, to the awards show in Los Angeles on Sunday, where he's nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his role on the NBC drama.

"My mom and dad came with me. It was funny, they didn't really give me a choice," he told ET's Leanne Aguilera on the red carpet. "I called them up once the nomination came out, and before I could even say, 'Would you,' They said, 'Oh, we're going this year. We're going this year.' And I went, 'Oh, OK. Good.'"

Milo's parents were basking in the experience -- and happily joined their son for his ET interview. "I can't [put my pride into words]," Carol shared. "We're just always proud of him, no matter what he does. It's just beyond words for us."

Carol and her husband have certainly earned their attendance at Sunday's awards show. They've been watching This Is Us every week, "with tissues," Peter noted. They're big fans of Jack and Rebecca (Mandy Moore), but not so much of spoilers.

"No spoilers. None!" Peter said.

"I prefer that. I'd rather just be surprised," Carol revealed.

milo ventimiglia at 2019 emmys
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Milo kept ET's interview a spoiler-free zone for This Is Us, but he was happy to discuss his upcoming role as Evel Knievel on USA Network's limited series, Evel.

Carol's "not at all" worried about her son channeling the daredevil's big stunts onscreen. "I've got all the confidence in the world with him on a motorcycle," she said.

Milo hasn't started production on the series yet. "I've got a little more work to do on Jack, and then next year hopefully I'll be here telling you guys about Evel," he told ET. 

For now, he's enjoying Emmys night with his parents -- win or lose. "We try and spend as much time as we can together, but we haven't dressed up together in a while, so I think just being here is the big celebration," he gushed.

By now, Milo's parents are pretty used to the attention he gets, for his acting and more. "He's done this for what? Over 20 years," Carol told ET's Kevin Frazier and our guest co-host Sharon Osbourne. "So... we just enjoy every step he makes." 

See more in the video below.


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