Mindy Kaling Teases 'Juicy Story' for Elle Woods in 'Legally Blonde 3,' Talks Charity Work (Exclusive)

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Mindy Kaling is offering a Legally Blonde 3 update. The multi-hyphenate is hard at work writing the script for the anticipated follow-up in Reese Witherspoon's iconic movie franchise, and revealed to ET's Matt Cohen why she's taking her time crafting the story. 

"I love this project. I am so excited about it. We are working on it," Kaling said while promoting her ambassadorship with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network ahead of their national fundraising event, PanCAN PurpleStride, on April 30. "It is going, you know, a little more slowly than we like but [it's] just because we really want it to be good."

The 42-year-old went on to explain that Elle Woods, the central character in Legally Blonde, is "beloved" and they want to do right by her.

"I think of it like Reese's Avengers. Elle Woods is like her Captain America, and so you don't want to be the person that messes up that story," Kaling said. "So for me, we are just taking our time because we want it to be really good."

While Kaling didn't delve into details about Legally Blonde 3, she's hopeful to work closely with Jennifer Coolidge -- whom she's promised will "1,000 percent" return for the new installment.

"[She] is just someone who all writers would kill to write for," she expressed. "She is so funny. She elevates any material and she is just like... She can just do a glance, it is just hilarious. And so as a writer, it's the jackpot. Especially in that character, her character, [beautician] Paulette, is so funny and their dynamic is so funny. It's been really great. She [has] a very juicy story in this one. That's all I can say, and by the way, Elle has a very juicy story. The two of them, seeing what they look like now after 20 years, is really fun."

Kaling may be busy juggling Legally Blonde 3 and a slew of other projects, but there's one cause close to her heart that she's carving out time for. As the official brand ambassador for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, the cause has added meaning for Kaling as she lost her own mother, Swati Roysircar, to pancreatic cancer in 2012. 

"I got involved because 10 years ago my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and she passed away in eight months. And PanCAN was a website that I looked up 'cause I had so many questions," she opened up. "We were in so much despair and it had so many resources. Since then, I have tried to support them as much as possible because they give resources to families, and families can find each other. It's just incredible."

"The PanCAN PurpleStride -- I'm not even athletic, I'm going to be doing this PurpleStride," she continued. "I'm the ambassador for this cause. It's this important to me, spreading awareness about testing for pancreatic cancer. Sixty communities around the country, everyone’s meeting up to walk and raise money for pancreatic cancer awareness."

Mindy Kaling joins the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network as ambassador for the fundraising event, PanCAN PurpleStride, which happens nationwide on Saturday, April 30.


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