The Most Uncomfortable 'Bachelor in Paradise' Finale Confrontations: From DeMario & Corinne to Dean & Kristina

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What happens in Paradise... was replayed on the show's season four reunion show on Monday night. 

The cast got together to discuss what went down during the series' most scandalous season -- though Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson's confrontation surprisingly wasn't the most tense. 

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Here are the fiercest Bachelor in Paradise finale confrontations, ranked from really confusing to totally cringeworthy. 

Corinne vs. DeMario

Corinne admitted during her sitdown with Chris Harrison last month that she hadn't reached out to DeMario since the scandal -- leading viewers to question if there was bad blood between the two. That couldn't have been further from the truth, however, as was evidenced when they happily put the drama "behind" them during their first face-to-face meeting. 

"I wish you happiness. I hope that someday we can not be connected with this nasty cloud over us," Jackson confessed, after Corinne admitted she wished he didn't speak to the media so quickly. 

"I think the cloud has now cleared. It's now sunny," she replied, as they went in for a hug. 

Case closed!

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Jasmine vs. Christen

Harrison didn't put Jasmine and Christen in the hot seat, but that didn't stop them from bringing the heat! 

Jasmine made it clear that she wasn't over Christen not telling her about her date with Matt, but things took a weird turn when Christen accused Jasmine of "trying to fuel the fire on social media." 

"We can continue it, because it's not OK!" Jasmine yelled when Chris Harrison asked if the feud should be continued, while Christen admitted to being hurt by Jasmine, but amused by her "Scallop Fingers" nickname.  

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Amanda vs. Robby

Viewers saw the pair's breakup in Paradise, but as Amanda revealed, the two pursued a relationship once they got back home. Then came the cheating accusations. 

"That is false!" Robby defended himself as Emily and Haley Ferguson accused him of cheating on their friend. "I went [to Colorado] on business. I did not [hook up with another girl]." 

"The picture did look like you were making out," Amanda said. "If you're saying you didn't, I believe you, but it did look like it." 

"It's no secret that when we go out in public, we're in the limelight, and people will twist things," Robby replied, while Amanda said she thought Robby just didn't want to be in a relationship. 

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Lacey vs. Daniel

All seemed well between Lacey and Daniel in the fantasy suite, but ALL. WAS. NOT. WELL. 

In fact, once in the hot seat, Lacey accused Daniel of lying about being in love with her for cameras. 

"I asked him about it, and that's when he told me the truth," she revealed, while Daniel maintained his innocence. 

"I said, 'You have to be realistic about the situation. Let's play it by ear,'" he told Harrison, before the longtime host rolled a clip of Daniel admitting to a producer after the fantasy suite that he "would never change his Facebook status to be 'in a relationship with Lacey.'"

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Dean vs. Kristina vs. Danielle

In just one season of Paradise, Dean went from being a Bachelor frontrunner to one of the franchise's biggest "f**kboys," thanks to his love triangle with Kristina and Danielle -- but it seems the drama didn't stay in Mexico.

Dean was unexpectedly invited to the hot seat by Harrison, where the 26-year-old got an earful from both the women he romanced in Paradise. 

"I hope that whoever is in your next relationship, you will never treat them like that," Kristina opened the conversation, before Danielle gave Dean a piece of her mind. 

"If you were saying you were in love with Kristina the whole time...Immediately an hour later, you called me and you came over. We had a relationship that unfolded after Paradise!" Danielle revealed. "Then you're saying all this now." 

"Careful, Dean, what you say, because I thought we kind of tried talking again, but it's like, are you still flip-flopping us both?" Kristina asked. "Enough is enough!"

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While Monday's finale offered drama for days, it did leave viewers with one happy ending -- two, counting Raven and Adam -- Derek and Taylor got engaged!

The couple stopped by ET on Monday, where they gave an update on their relationship, and revealed the one thing that almost tore them apart. Watch below. 

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