WATCH: Top Celebs Cement their Fame at Historic Chinese Theatre


This week,Jennifer Aniston became the 253rd star to leave her prints in cement at Hollywood's iconic Chinese Theatre forecourt. ET's Chris Jacobs takes a closer look at this Tinseltown landmark and reveals some interesting ways some stars chose to be remembered. 

From Marilyn Monroe to Will Smith to Cher and more, the Chinese Theatre -- formerly Grauman's Chinese Theatre -- has enshrined prints of the feet, hands and other body parts of Hollywood's biggest stars.

The Chinese Theatre's Director of Tours, Levi Tinker, recalls that Monroe wanted to leave a diamond in the cement during her forecourt ceremony, but ended up leaving an earring instead that is still visible in the cement today. Some stars are overcome with emotion while being honored, while others use humor to show their enthusiasm.

Watch the video to see more famous celebrities throughout history celebrating their success by cementing their futures in Hollywood!