Gwyneth 'Very Happy' for Pregnant Pal Beyonce


Contagion star Gwyneth Paltrow celebrated with gal pal Beyonce in Venice, Italy over the weekend for the Grammy winner's big 30th birthday, and she had some choice words for the new mom-to-be.

"I think motherhood is the biggest blessing of all time and it gives your life real meaning," she told our Nancy O'Dell. "It's always interesting when you're a woman with success and you've achieved a lot, and then you have a baby and you realize everything you thought was an achievement really is nothing until you have a kid. I think that that will be her experience, and it's wonderful to see her so happy right now, and so looking forward to the experience. I'm very happy for them."

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Gwyneth, in Venice to promote Contagion, was seen with Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z on a luxury yacht along with Erykah Badu. Beyonce announced her pregnancy at the MTV Video Music Awards just last month.

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As for her own kids, Gwyneth says you can't be too overprotective when it comes to your average contagious diseases out there.

"I don't keep them in a plastic bubble. I think it's good for kids to get germy and dirty, and that's how they build their immune systems," she says. "You can't be too overprotective. They have to be out there in the world."

Watch the video to see Gwyneth describe her death scene in the movie -- and if she would like to do more episodes of Glee! Contagion spreads to theaters and IMAX on Friday.