First ET Interview: Channing Tatum


Channing Tatum is everywhere on the big screen these days, and we were with the Magic Mike star back in 2006 talking about his first high-profile movie role starring opposite Amanda Bynes in the gender-bending teen comedy She's the Man. Watch Channing's first ET interview, in which he talked about his favorite cross-dressing film!

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"Tootsie," said a buzz-cut-sporting Channing. Why? "Well, for one, Dustin Hoffman, he's just, like, it. [That movie] did it in a really classy way and an older, more sophisticated type of [way]. [She's the Man] is our younger version of it."

Channing was also fond of calling Amanda's look as a male in the film "a creepy little cute dude."

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Channing's new movie inspired by his male stripper past, Magic Mike, opens in theaters this weekend.