Jennifer Lawrence Dishes 'Catching Fire'

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Audiences went bananas for the first Hunger Games movie (which has now grossed almost $700 million worldwide) earlier this year and now the franchise's star, Jennifer Lawrence, is teasing what audiences can expect in the second film.

Catching Fire will be directed by Francis Lawrence (no relation) and Jennifer hints that fans can expect a similar take to what director Gary Ross brought to the first picture.

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"The new movie will be very real, which is what I’m excited about,” Jennifer told the Los Angeles Times.

"I really like his take, which is a lot of what I liked in Gary Ross," Jennifer explained. "It's the realistic grasp of the story instead of all the details of the imaginary things."

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The second film will find a triumphant Katniss (Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) suddenly faced with the ramifications of the tricky stunt that kept them both alive. Catching Fire, to start filming this fall, is set to hit theaters in November 2013.