Why Jennifer Garner Was Drawn to 'Timothy Green'


Jennifer Garner takes on the woes of infertility as Cindy Green in The Odd Life of Timothy Green, a dilemma facing many couples around the world, including a handful of the actress' close friends. 

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The 40-year-old mom of three tells ET that the adult themes of the magical Disney flick really struck a chord with her, and she was immediately taken in by the not-so-fairytale elements of the story.

"I have so many girlfriends in all different phases of [their struggles with infertility]," she explains. "The thought of being told you can't have it-- You just can't even imagine it that that wouldn't be part of your life."

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In theaters August 15, Timothy Green takes a turn for the supernatural as Garner (as Cindy) and her husband Joel Edgerton (as Jim) are blessed with a son, CJ Adams (as Timothy), literally falls into their laps as the pair attempts to conceive a child of their own.

Directed by Peter Hedges, the film also stars Ron Livingston, Dianne Wiest, M. Emmet Walsh and Common.